Maron: Jen Moves To L.A.

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"Girls. Right. They're just people. They're... they're horny, scared, angry, bitter people just like me and you."

Those were the horribly self-centered and projected words of advice that Marc had for his assistant, Kyle, after the podcast interview with Aubrey Plaza. Granted, Kyle is not good with women, but compared to Marc, he has somewhat of a passable excuse in that he is nearly half Marc's age. Marc, on the other hand, is no better with women, despite having two failed marriages, and various encounters from women that follow his podcast. Actually, these experiences make him worse off.

Enter Jen. From last episode's "Sex Fest."

Or as Marc would see it, the twenty eight year old stalker with daddy issues. Who has now decided to move to Los Angeles, only to be with Marc.

Because he thinks she is crazy.

So of course, Marc made a failed attempt to avoid her, by getting his incompetent assistant to lie about not being home. It also turned out that Jen moved because of employment reasons. And on top of that, she does happen to have a boyfriend, who is also a comedian. So the stalked became the (on-line) stalker, as Marc looked up the boyfriend and his god awful act. On some level, he did care for his little fling with Jen. And he is miserable, jealous, and quick to put somebody else down.

Things got heated up, when it turned out that Kyle had rented out his room to Jen. How does Marc handle everything? By getting into an argument with Jen, having sex with Jen in Kyle's bed, and by firing Kyle.

You know, from that assistant job that pays nothing?

In the end, reconciliation was achieved. Marc managed to undo the wedge he drove between himself and Kyle, and decided to keep Jen around. They even made a silly little zombie video together, which Marc could not wait for it to disappear into the sea that is the vast internet. But according to Kyle, there were enough hits on it that it could go viral. Just what Marc wanted.

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