True Blood: Don't You Feel Me

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Well it was a bitter sweet Sunday last night in Bon Temp County. True Blood had some big reveals, laid some solid ground work for the rest of the season, and said goodbye to a fan favourite character. Spoilers below fanger fans.

Just into the second half of the season "Don't You Feel Me" made some pretty interesting moves, even by True Blood's standards. The Sam, Nicole, and Emma vs Alcide and his pack took an unexpected turn and kind of completed their story in a quiet way. Sookie and Warlow have (how do I say this?) an 'enlighteningly' erotic visit to a graveyard. Much more of the of LAVTF's prison system is revealed once Jason cons his way into their ranks. And an old friend of Terry's makes good on a promise. A vague episode synopsis I know. Now spoilers below for sure.

The shifter/werewolf story-line with Sam and Alcide appears to be closed after this episode. So much so that it looks like (as of right now) that Sam could be gone for good. I still thing he could be back as soon as next Sunday since Sam Trammell is still a series regular, but judging by how they left if you never know. They closed this chapter as peacefully as possible; with Sam giving Emma up to her grandmother in exchange for to promise never to go back to the pack. Alcide appeared to be mad at first but given his history with Sam he gave him a 'leave town and never come back' option and Sam took it. The only thing that lead me to think something might still happen with this group of characters is the way Alcide and his dad, Jackson, reacted to sniffing the bed Sam and Nicole had slept in. I could be reading into this way too much but my guess is Nicole isn't who she appears to be and the werewolves know that while Sam is still in the dark.

The meat and potatoes of the episode dealt while the vampire prison camp, it's prisoners, and Bill's hunt to find it. After Jason suckers his way into the LAVTF and on as a prison guard the episode really put the spotlight on the human's bigotry towards vampires; much more than previous episodes. Sympathy for any of the humans working there is gone since they are depicted as modern day Nazis pretty much. Everything from brutal tortures, to degrading experiments, and even plans of mass genocide. Since Eric and Pam wouldn't kill each other, after last episode's cliff-hanger, the governor shows Eric the vampire killing poison on Nora. So far Nora is still alive (or the vampire version of being alive) but if this new vampire killing cocktail the humans have cooked up doesn't have an antidote she won't last long. And that disappoints me because the show hasn't even begun to explore her backstory.

As for the Sookie and Warlow drama going on it gets pretty weird this episode. True Blood has had some crazy sex scenes in the past but this one takes it. At the beginning of the season all signs pointed at Warlow (Robert Kazinsky) being the big babby for the year. Now with the first half of the season done, the majority of the humans are this season's villains and Warlow goes on to the being Sookie's new sex squeeze. No alter motives for Warlow have been hinted at so far but knowing this show that could change. Whatever the case ending "Don't You Feel Me" with a naked Anna Paquin riding Kazinsky and beaming light bursting from their bodies was something nobody probably saw coming.

Amidst the glow sex and the vampire prison progression this episode was a bit bittersweet as two cast members live the show. The first is not all that shocking in the death of governor Burrell. The timing and manner he was killed was a bit of a shock given all signs pointed at him being the villain for this sixth season. Not to mention Bill killing him in broad daylight. The other character death was pretty sudden given the time and events leading up to his death. Fan favourite Terry Bellefleur (Todd Lowe) was killed off of the show just two scenes after he was cured of his guilt and depression stemming from his time during the war in Iraq. The show laid out Terry's death episodes before when he asked an old army buddy to do it for him, via a long range riffle shot, but I don't think audiences were really expecting him to go out the way he did. Hopefully there is some purpose in the show writing Lowe out because Terry was a great form of comedic relief anytime a scene called for it.

I figured unless he comes back as a ghost Lowe's Terry Bellefleur probably wouldn't be able to make True Blood fans laugh in moments of tension in future episodes, that he should get a this week's True Blood quote of the week. The set up for this (if you haven't since the episode) Terry becomes flustered when trying to give Lafayette his safety deposit box key and say his last goodbye.

"Nothing. There's no 'the f***'. I think we just have the kind of friendship where we give each other keys is all."

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