True Blood: Life Matters

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While everyone else was watching the return of Breaking Bad last night True Blood was starting to close up shop on another bloody season. In typical True Blood fashion the show finishes writing the final chapter of their season an episode early, as the majority of story arcs come to an end on this second last episode of the year. Even though a lot of things happen in last night's episode it felt very somber throughout. I don't think the body count for a single episode was ever higher than this episode yet ironically it was the most peaceful episode in a while.

It starts off with Sookie healing Warlow and then zapping Bill back to the real world. Not able to have Warlow on his leash to help save his fellow vampires Bill races to the prison camp to try and save his incarcerated species before they meet the sun. Eric beats Bill there and leaves a trail of human entrails in his wake; liberating his kind to do the same. Meanwhile the rest of the town (or cast of the series) gather for Terry's funeral. Everyone takes turns paying their respects to the fallen fry cook, giving him a proper send off.

"Life Matters" was a quiet Sunday night in for the normally load series. The show tied up all but a few loss ends at the vampire prison. I have a couple of ideas what the after effects of the destruction of the prison will have on the reminder of the season but after that who knows how they'll lead things into a seventh season. After Eric lets all the vampires free from the prison those who drank from Bill stay behind with him in the daylight. With everyone else human being dead but Jason and Sarah I could see the prison chapter of the show being over but this episode did show the Hep-V laced Tru Blood is still a thing. As of right now all the remanding stock of the tainted Tru Blood was destroyed in great slow-mo montage fashion. However, during the episode they show delivery trucks of Tru Blood reach as far as Honolulu. If Hep-V is transferable the victory at the prison will be short lived and probably the best story-line to feed next season.

On the other side of town stuff got emotional. I still don't fully understand the rest to write off Todd Lowe's character Terry from the show but I am glad they took an entire episode to give him a proper send off. Once Terry's funeral started the show took its time paying respect to the beloved fan favourite character that was Terry Bellefleur. All of the main cast that was present shared their favourite Terry story during the service. Some of the stories were ones already told but there were some other great ones that were told through flash-backs that really made this episode. There were two that really stood out. The first has to be the flash-back where Andy first introduces Sam to Terry and gets him a job at Merlotte's. The old 90's outfits really made that scene. But the one that audiences connected with was Sookie's telepath memory of Terry meeting Arlene for the first time. A fitting story for probably the series' best couple.

The episode ends with the future wide open for the series. Not sure Eric flying off into the daytime is the best cliff-hanger to entice viewers to return next Sunday but you can count on me to tell you if it is worthwhile. The other ending in "Life Matters" was Big John singing at the end of Terry's funeral as the last goodbye. The song was touching, and didn't leave a dry eye in the whole cemetery, but it also produced this week's True Blood quote of the week thanks to Arelne:

"Thank you Big John. That was the sh*t"

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