Friday Night Lights: Humble Pie

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This week features the multi-talented Tim Riggins in a number of roles, including chef, decorator, punching bag, volleyball assistant coach and getaway driver. Oh, and somehow, he managed to judge the shootout competition at the NHL all-star game too. What a guy.

The truck that Jason Street bought from Herc needs a new transmission and its going to cost four thousand dollars to fix. So Jason quite naturally has a hissy fit in the auto service department and tries to beat the four thousand dollars out of Herc, who it turns out is not so into vehicle maintenance. Buddy Garrity intervenes and saves the day, offering Jason a job selling cars at his dealership. Jason takes the job, much to the chagrin of the 18 other car salesmen (and saleswomen) who already work at Garrity Motors. Jason has a pretty rough first day, getting swindled out of a few sales by some of the other salesmen (and saleswomen), and he is ready to give up on the dream of working at Garrity Motors. Once again Buddy Garrity intervenes, and after an inspiring pep-talk complete with football analogies, Jason is ready to get back in the game. The next person to walk in the door at the car dealership is Gerald, the indecisive car shopper who has been checking out a new Hybrid Chevy for some time now, but none of the other salesmen (and saleswomen) have been able get him to seal the deal. In wheels the newly inspired Jason, who talks Gerald into finally buying the car of his dreams. Touchdown!

Tim Riggins is in trouble. He is stopped outside the liquor store by his ferret loving meth dealer former roommate, who breaks a bottle over his head for stealing his money. Tim has until the end of the week to pay the ferret loving meth dealer former roommate back, so he heads off to church to find Lyla and invite her over to his house, naturally. So Lyla comes over after church and Tim Riggins has made her dinner, and set up some flowers and candles and he is ready to tell Lyla that he loves her and it's all very romantic... until Lyla completely freaks out and leaves. Now girls, if Tim Riggins makes you dinner and professes his love for you, you do not run for the exit. Right? Well, Lyla does, and she goes one step further telling him that it's never gonna happen, and that she doesn't feel anything for him whatsoever. Yeah, right.

Love troubles aside, Tim still has to deal with the three thousand dollars he owes his ferret loving meth dealer former roommate. Fortunately for him, the same Lyla Garrity who does not love him happens to have three thousand dollars to spare, and she gives it to him. She says she doesn't want him to get beat up again. Yeah, right. Tim and Billy head over to the ferret loving meth dealer former roomate's place to give him back the money and it seems like their dealings with him are finally over. But Billy Riggins picks the wrong moment to get protective of his little brother and starts a fight with the meth addicts. Things do not end well, and the ferret loving meth dealer former roommate promises that it's not over.

Over at the Taylors', Coach's athletic director job is continuing to give him grief. This time, the girls volleyball coach has quit in the middle of the season and Coach has to find a replacement for her, pronto. Luckily, Tami used to play volleyball, and so Coach hoodwinks her into taking the job. Sadly, the girls volleyball team is terrible -- 0 for 7, as Julie is quick to point out. When Tyra comes over for dinner the next night ,Tami realizes that she's pretty tall, and wonders if she might want to come and be the spiker on the dismal girls volleyball team that Tami is now stuck coaching. At practice, Tyra has a little bit of trouble getting started, but Tami gives her a pep talk and tells her to just get something in her head that bugs her and pretend that thing is the ball. Luckily, Tim Riggins, the girls volleyball team's manager/ballboy, is on the other side of the net, and Tyra manages to spike some right at him. I think his head is supposed to be the ball. Anyway, the girls go on to win their first game, which, as Julie is quick to point out, still only makes them 1 for 7. But Coach says that Tami is 1 for 1. Aw.

And finally, as promised, this week Smash Williams is arrested on assault charges. His lawyer thinks that he can get out of going to jail or being on trial if he will just apologize to some TV cameras. So Coach helps him hold a press conference and he reads a written out apology and it's all very sincere. Later on, while Smash has his agent, I mean girlfriend (didn't we get rid of her last week?) over, his little sister gets a prank call from some of the obnoxious white guys from the movie theatre. They want to know if she puts out to white boys. Naturally, Smash is upset by this, because his little sister is probably about twelve and she's crying and it's all very upsetting. Smash goes to Appleby's for some pie and hang out time with the team, and things are going great when all of a sudden the TV shows an interview with the obnoxious white guy who Smash attacked. Obnoxious white guy lies and says that they didn't do anything to provoke him, that Smash just attacked them out of nowhere because they are white and affluent. Just as the interview is ending, a reporter and a cameraman come out of nowhere and shove a microphone in Smash's face and ask him if he really meant his apology. Smash loses it and tells the reporter that obnoxious white guy is lying and that he deserved a whole lot worse than Smash gave him. Uh oh, even Tim Riggins is shaking his head. Smash is in trouble.

So in the end, "the board" decides to suspend Smash for three games. When Coach comes over to deliver the bad news, Smash is very concerned that he will be missing the last three games of the regular season, because he thinks that without him the Panthers can't make it to the playoffs. Last time I checked, football was a team sport, and there were about 50 players involved, so I think it's a little egotistical to think that your whole team can't make it without you, but what can you expect from somebody who refers to himself in the third person? I'm hoping this is going to leave some room for Matt to have, you know, maybe a storyline or something. I miss that guy.

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Ariana says...

Hoodwinked, good word.

Mmm pie.

I very much agree with the last three sentences especially.

Feb 1, 2008 2:58am

Sarahm says...

Thanks, I was also kind of excited to find a use for "much to the chagrin" it's one of my favorite expressions and definitely doesn't get used enough in everyday conversation.

Feb 1, 2008 3:35am

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