New Music Releases: January 12th, 2010

With all the late night goings on, you may have forgotten that I promised you some good new music releases this month. But I did promise, and this week Ok Go, Ringo Starr and Vampire Weekend are here to deliver. So here they are, with no references to late night television whatsoever (ok, maybe one):

Vampire Weekend Contra (Amazon)

The follow up to their super fun self-titled debut album, Vampire Weekend's Contra has been happily streaming along on their band's website since early last week. You can check it out there right now if your work server does not block streaming audio like mine. Many a music journalist has attempted to decipher the meaning of the album title: is it a reference to a loose federation of right wing militants in Nicaragua? An allusion to a video game from the late 1980s? I'll leave the pros to figure that one out. What I want to know is: who is that girl in the polo shirt?

Ok Go Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky (Amazon)

The band most famous for choreographed dancing in their backyard and on treadmills is putting out their third album this week. Ok Go has moved in a new musical direction for this album, working with Flaming Lips producer Dave Fridmann. Fans who are looking for another fun pop album or Youtube video might be a little put off with some of the rock experiments on Of The Blue Colour of the Sky, but the new sound shows a musical growth and maturity some may not have expected from the kids most commonly known for gym equipment choreography. Side note: I'm seriously impressed that Ok Go went with the Canadian/British (ahem, correct) way of spelling "colour" in their album title. Way to go boys.

Ringo Starr Y Not (Amazon)

Those of you who caught his complete takeover of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night may have deduced that Ringo Starr has released a new album. Y Not is the 16th studio album from the former Beatles drummer and features guest appearances by Joe Walsh, Joss Stone and Paul McCartney, who provides backing vocals on the album's first single 'Walk With You'.

Also being released this week...

Owen Pallett Heartland (Amazon)

Jason Boesel Hustler's Son (Amazon)

Bouncing Souls Ghosts on the Boardwalk (Amazon)

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