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I am a little slow with the posting of the recaps sometimes, but this time I am on the job! I had high expectations for this episode and I was NOT disappointed! The premise: Sam and Dean find out that there is an author out there who is writing their lives into detailed comic books! Does it make me a little nerdy that I was so excited to watch this one? Ok, a lot nerdy maybe, but if you are reading this because you missed the show, make sure to watch it on Sunday or find it online. You do not want to leave this one out of your Winchester library...or gospel. You will understand that last part soon!

Our boys are at a comic book store looking into some strange occurrence or another. The clerk behind the counter (who of course looks like he has never spoken to a girl and is waiting to be beamed up) knows nothing about anything strange. Then the clerk gets the metaphorical light bulb above his head and figures out that Sam and Dean must be "larping" action role-playing. You know, like those guys in that Supernatural book series with "Sam and Dean" who use rocker names and have many fake ids. Not knowing what the heck he is talking about, the boys are led to the bargain bin where the clerk finds one of the books in question. On the cover is a picture of two ripped, shirtless guys, with long flowing hair (haha) by the Impala. Awesome! I looked for a pic online but didn't find that cover...yet.

Did I mention that I really liked this one? I mean, what fan of the show wouldn't? The point of my pointing out my adoration is that this might be a long read as I don't want to leave out much. Sorry Paul!

So they go to the publisher of the series to find out the author Carver Edlund's real name. The publisher is a hard-core fan of the series. They tell her that they want to write an article about the series and need to contact the author, but she thinks they might be out to ridicule. So they prove they are "fans". They easily answer her about their own birthdays, the make and year of Dean's car, Dean's favorite song etc. The clincher for her is the matching tattoos they have. They find out the depth of her fanhood when she yanks down her pants to reveal her own matching tat. Convinced, she sends them off to find Chuck Shurley but warns them that he is a genius and not to piss him off.

Chuck opens the door to our boys, who introduce themselves as Sam and Dean. Chuck closes the door. They force their way in. Trying to convince him that they are Sam and Dean, they keep talking and he keeps backing as far away as possible. Is this some sort of Misery thing? No...let's start again. We are Sam and Dean Winchester. That got Chuck's attention since he never used their last name in his writing. Finally he is convinced, but the question of how still hangs in the air. Chuck can only come up with one explanation. "Obviously I'm a God. A cruel capricious God." Haha. "Horror is one thing, but to be forced to live bad writing." Haha, I love the show's writers' poking fun at themselves there. I mean, come on! Bugs? Haunted ship? Then Chuck realizes that he just pulled a Vonnegut and bam! The boys are there. Vonnegut like Slaughterhouse 5 or Cat's Cradle? More like Kilgore Trout...he has written himself as the author into the story. So what is next in the story? Just before the commercial we see what is next: Sam being seduced by a demon. Throughout the commercial my friend and I (we frequently watch the show together to make predictions and show how much we each can contribute to interpreting the show) analyzed what we just saw. Demon with white eyes. Ruby made a concession to Sam and wears a coma girl's body because it is an empty vessel. Meanwhile, I seem to recollect that the body Ruby wears has been fatally injured, so if Ruby changes bodies the current meat suit will die. Also, Ruby's demon eyes are it could only be Lilith. Commercial over and there is cheering in my living room since we were correct in our musings and it is Lilith that Sam is getting cozy with on a bed. Just a first draft, but Chuck describes the getting it on as having "fiery demonic passion". Sam denies this is even remotely viable and Dean takes in stride as a possibility. Good thing that Dean isn't being completely blindsided by Sam's unknown activities; he does not rule this new development as an impossibility at all. Also in the cards is Dean in an accident with a minivan, Dean seeing stars, Dean with flower band-aids on his face, and Dean driving the car with a tarp covering the smashed back window. Chuck also reveals that this "psychic process" comes with a very bad headache which he drinks away until he can succumb to sleep.

In an attempt to avoid what is written, Sam and Dean hop into the car and drive out of town...almost. There is a road-block on the outskirts because the bridge is out. I guess this is one of those off the interstate things since no consideration is given to an alternate exit. At a diner now, the boys decide they will stop events from happening by doing the opposite of everything written. They will not fight. Sam will not research. Dean will not order a bacon cheeseburger. Mmm bacon cheeseburger. It is really too bad that "Oprah's girlfriend" made this place famous for having the best bacon cheeseburgers anywhere. Sam orders a cob salad and Dean orders a tofu veggie burger. With the fastest service I have ever seen anywhere (and I mean even from fast food joints), the waitress brings the food. Dean takes a bite out of his burger and declares it to be the best burger he has ever had! Then the waitress comes and takes it away; she accidentally brought him the bacon cheeseburger. Haha. Hmm. The amount of times I have written "bacon cheeseburger" almost rivals the amount of times the words "douche bag" are used in every episode. Sam ticks Dean off, but instead of fighting Dean tells him "It really frustrates me when you say such reckless things" in a barely controlled tone. Sooo un-Dean like! Dean drops Sam off at the motel. They are staying in the Toreador Inn since the writing says the seduction scene happens at the Red Inn. Hex bags are placed all around and Dean leaves Sam to not research. Suggestions as to what Sam should do include using the magic fingers and watching porn. Dean is supposedly going to drive around for a while, so he sets out to park the car. The moment the car is parked and Dean walks away, some kids start to break into it. Dean catches them and goes to stop them...and is hit by a minivan. Upon coming to, he notices that a) his rear window was smashed in and b) the driver of the van is wearing dangling star earrings and c) her daughter played doctor and covered his face in flower band-aids.

Meanwhile, Sam is talking to Chuck. He wants to know what Chuck knows about his extracurricular activities. More cheers in my living room when Chuck says some things that Sam needed to be confronted with. He hasn't written about Sam sucking demon blood because it would make him too unsympathetic as a character. True. Sam starts to protest but Chuck says "you gotta know its wrong". Thank You Chuck! He does have to know that, doesn't he? I have said it before...he MUST see that his path is wrong, right? Wrong, or everyone on the right side wouldn't have objections and reservations about him. Sam says that Dean is not Dean lately and he just needs to be ready to do what has to be done when the time comes. Chuck reveals that it all does rest on Sam's shoulders; so, what? Sam has a bigger role than Dean-the Righteous Man who must end what he started? That is interesting and needing more information for evaluation (in my living room).

Despite his best efforts, Dean has acted out all of the writing so far. Needing more answers, he goes back to Chuck's house. Chuck is walking in with a bag full of booze, suggesting that he is deep in psychic territory. Dean demands Chuck tell him what is going on; who are you really and what is really happening for you to know everything? Castiel has the answers, so it is a good thing he shows up right then. Chuck is a prophet of the Lord. Chuck left that part out of his writing because it reached an "M. Night level of douchiness". Haha. Chuck is writing the New NEW Testament, which will come to be known as the "Winchester Gospel". If you think that Chuck is an unlikely candidate for a prophet, Cas says you should have seen Luke. Cute. And actually kinda awesome coming from straight-faced Cas. Bottom line: what Chuck writes is word and cannot be unwritten. No escape from it.

Back at the motel. Sam has burned all the hex bags and will not leave with Dean, who wants to flee. Dean has just noticed that the TO, A, and OR has burnt out on the motel sign and now it reads RE_D INN. Dean looks like he is going to leave without Sam, but that of course will not happen. So he drops his bag and goes outside to abuse the pop machine. And then he starts to pray. He says he never does this but needs help. At this point I think the writers might reference the good ol' cocky Dean and make it about the pop machine, but they stick with the new Dean empathy path. He pleads for help. Please. Cas shows up and says "Prayer is a sign of faith. This is a good thing, Dean". But Cas says he cannot help, it is not within his power to change or interfere with the prophesy. Please Cas! Dean is angry now; anger is an easier emotion for him to accept in himself than helplessness. "Screw you, you and your mission...Your God...When you need me, don't bother knocking". Cas stops him from walking away by calling for him to let him explain why he can't help. Prophets are protected. If anything threatens a prophet and archangel will destroy that threat; it is absolute. Ah, Cas! You sly dog! You are finally learning to think for yourself and bend the rules a little. Great look on Cas's face here as he watches Dean realize what has just been said.

Dean understands. He goes to get Chuck to bring him back to the motel so Lilith can threaten his safety and his archangel can smite her. Brilliant! Dean explains why he needs him and how important it is that he comes with him. "No friggen way". Haha. After threats to blow Chuck's brain out (a draw to see who can strike first, him or the archangel), they go to the motel...where the scene with Sam and Lilith has been acted out. She wants the demon-killing knife. Finding Sam's salt trap under the mat, she scoffs at his weak attempt to trap her. Sam uses his powers. Sam was sure he was ready for her if need be, but when he gets jiggy with hand out and that intense look of concentration on his slightly tilted head, all he accomplishes is blowing her hair back from her face. Not even remotely ready for her. Lilith offers to stand down and wants to make a deal. Somehow she knows that she is going to be iced before the apocalypse and wants to save her own butt. She will call everything off in exchange for Sam and Dean's heads on sticks. 6 billion lives for theirs. Rules dictate that a deal made cannot be reneged on, not even by a demon, so Sam agrees. What? No. He has to put more thought into it, doesn't he? Crap Sammy, is the demon blood rotting your brain? Too easy! A contract like this needs more than a kiss to seal he joins her on the bed and leans into her and...grabs the knife to stab her! Ok, there is some hope for you yet. And my living room is less tense and the outrage is dying down. She blocks the attempt and Cas and Dean and Chuck (yelling "I am the prophet Chuck!" Haha!) burst into the room. Immediately the room starts to fall apart; the walls crumble and the room shakes tremendously. Lilith sees her impending doom and vacates her dental-hygienist body and the room.

Tarp flapping in the wind, the boys are back on the road. They discuss how Lilith would have found a way to weasel out of the deal. Sam insists that he never once considered taking her deal. They agree that she is scared. Seems like a good omen for once.

Chuck. Poor Chuck. His life has been turned upside-down. He starts awake from his latest vision to find a visitor in his house...Zachariah. Cryptic conversation ensues. Did you see it? Yes, I have to warn Sam and Dean! No, if you try, I will stop you. Then I will kill myself. We will bring you back to life. No Chuck, you will do what you always do...write. And with this recap done, I (Stacy) will stop.

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