Supernatural: Sympathy for the Devil

Posted by: Stacy  //  September 15, 2009 @ 8:50pm

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I really don't know how the writers could justify this episode as the season premiere. I waited all summer for this? I hope it gets better because I really enjoy(ed) the escapades of Sam and Dean. I cannot even waste my time writing my usual in-depth analysis, so the bare bones version it is.

We left the boys with a dead Ruby and with Lucifer rising. They suddenly find themselves on a plane. Sam's powers are gone. The Prophet Chuck tells them that Castiel exploded and is dead. Zacharias tries to strong-arm Dean into doing what he wants...that's a no-go. Lucifer stalks and courts his vessel - a guy who has the right DNA and has lost his family...together they will make God pay for His injustices. Meg and her cohorts, in new meat suits, bully the boys. Bobby gets possessed and tries to kill the boys, but gains control over his body in order to stab himself (he will live). Chuck sends his #1 Supernatural fan to tell the boys where to find the Sword of Michael (the weapon to defeat the devil); it's a riddle and is in the castle on the hill of 42 dogs. It's a castle-shaped storage rental place on 42 Rover Street. They go there, it turns out its not an actual sword now, its Dean himself. Zacharias tries to bully Dean again, blablabla, Castiel shows up and saves them by standing up to Zacharias. Satan gets his vessel, Michael doesn't get his. The Winchester boys have it out; Dean cannot trust Sam any more, even though he is clean.

Here are the few good moments.

-when Z and his posse first show up Z notices Dean's hand bleeding. Dean quickly yanks out a sliding door and slams his bloody hand on an anti-angel glyph he put on it. Bam! Bye-bye a-holes.

-Dean got out some good insults at Z's expense: Asshat. Cram it with walnuts, ugly. Two-faced douche. Z once tried to zing Dean back with "Chucklehead". Dean does not want to be an "angel condom". Haha.

-Sammy is Sammy again. Jared Padalecki did an awesome job of making me like Sam again...without Sam even having to prove himself good; he got the old Sam's angst and attitude just right...with a big helping of remorse thrown in.

-Cas came back with cojones!! All kinds of authority in his voice and a posture that said he is taking no guff. He comes in on Z hurting the boys and tells Z "Put the boys back together and go. I won't ask twice." The explanation of the boys suddenly being on the plane and Cas being back after being forever-killed is hinted at; God has finally taken notice of something and stepped in.

See? I told you it was gunna be a quickie. I was not happy. I mean, come ON! Dean is Michael's Sword? Cheesy, corny, ridonculous, whatever!

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