Supernatural: Good God, Y'all!

Posted by: Stacy  //  September 20, 2009 @ 9:36pm

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This episode was slightly better, but I still finished the (approximate) hour off feeling cheated. One thing I forgot to mention from the season premiere is that when Cas comes back from the dead he laid his hands on the boys and left them with runes engraved on their ribs. The runes hide them from angels and you will see why I mention this shortly.

In the hospital, checking on Bobby, Sam gets a cell phone call from Cas. Right! He can't see them any more then other angels can. Dean shows Sam a really cool x-ray of his ribs and the bones are full of symbols; this was about the best thing in the show, with the exception of Cas still being all assertive and not meek. Cas can't heal Bobby, on account of being an outcast.

Quick(ish) summary time. Cas is sure God is alive and the pendant (that Dean has worn his entire life and probably was given to him by John) will show Cas when he is in God's proximity. Bobby gets a call from Rufus, a fellow hunter, from a town that is infested by demons. So the boys go and the town is in ruins. Ellen is there but she cannot find Jo and Rufus. Ellen has some survivors holed up in a church. They raid a sporting goods store and arm everyone. Dean ends up gutting a demon in the store and ponders the demon blood on his knife just a little too long...he is feeling helpless without his powers. When Ellen and Sam encounter Rufus and Jo, they discover that they are demon infested...or so they think. Turns out that Rufus and Jo grab Sam and they think he is a demon. One of the signs of the apocalypse? The four horsemen. War is here...not war, but War. His red horse is a cherry red mustang and he is causing chaos by making everyone think the other is a demon. Dean saves Sam, everyone gets convinced they are hallucinating and that War is doing it with a ring he is wearing. Cut off the finger with the ring on it and presto! All better.

At the end there is yet another heartfelt scene between the Winchester boys; too many of those lately, what with Dean hiding what happened in hell, Sam hiding the blood sucking, etc. Sam feels he is a liability and needs to leave Dean. Dean agrees and tells Sam he is tired of looking after him (in nicer words). Sam hitches a ride away, but the love is still there because Dean offered him the Impala. Awww!

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