The Office: Scott's Tots

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There are times when Michael has been able to take a situation from an inevitable doom, and turn it into a miraculous victory. These times are rare, and are dependent on Michael's invincible cluelessness, coupled with an antagonist that is all too grounded in reality. And then there is the other type of inevitable doom, where Michael has no option but to surrender to what he can only hope to be a defeat combined with an insulting consolation.

The irony in Scott's Tots, like many other episodes, is that when Michael does possess that awareness, he is likely not able to come out on top. Faced with having no other option than to deliver the bad news to a class full of eager graduates, Michael could only hope that his bag of laptop batteries could take the place of a bursary. As the class turned against him, Michael found the worst time for his delusions to kick in, as he defended his situation with the infamous words, "Hold on, they're lithium." After leaving the school, Michael was able to salvage a mental victory, as he got to feel good about some of the kids likely having stayed in school as a result of his empty promise.

Back at the office, Dwight has proven that he too has grown a lot over the years. As his character progressed, he moved away from being an overt office bully, and became more hidden with his agendas. But if there's one thing that never changed, it's his complete intolerace for Jim Halpert. As Jim is fumbling in his new position as co-manager, Dwight is becoming sharper in manipulation, and realizing that Jim also has more to lose than him. In this episode, Dwight is pure insidious, with his phone call impersonations, cake delivery, award fixing, money pooling, and ability to finally capitalize on his spying device. When it appeared that his plans could have been revealed, he finds an unlikely ally, that also tried to dispose Jim from the company.

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