Psych scoop: season four to end with two big episodes

I got a chance to speak with Psych creator/showrunner Steve Franks yesterday, and besides the fact that it was great to be able to just talk about the most fun show on television (it doesn't air up here in Canada, so I never get to talk about it with anyone), I also got some info on the final two episodes of the fourth season (airing March 3rd and March 10th), along with an idea of the direction the show is headed next season. Sometime next week I'll have the full interview with the funny and incredibly nice Mr. Franks for your listening pleasure, but in the meantime, keep reading for what to expect over the next couple weeks...

Next week's episode is a doozy! Much like several other episodes of Psych over the last four years (especially those written by Franks himself), the March 3rd episode is a big theme episode. This time around? Jaws! Look for lots of Det. Lassiter goodness in this one.

As Franks told me, "Lassiter is really, really tired of Shawn one-upping him. So he's decided he's going to take a leap on one clue, and it he does it to the press."

"There's a shark attack, and a body washes up on shore, and Lassiter looks down on all the shark bites and says, 'Wait a minute. One of these shark bites looks different. I think this is murder!' and all the press are making fun of him. And Shawn is coaching him to live free and fly by the seat of his pants. It fails miserably for Lassiter and it works out for Shawn. But it's really fun."

The season finale on March 10th, however, will be much more drama-heavy. Picking up where last season's finale left off, this second part of a planned Mr. Yang trilogy (!) of episodes will be very dark.

"It's the most intense thing we've done. James (Roday) directed it, and it was our way to do Hitchcock. All the clues relate to Hitchcock, and it's very exciting. And it leads us into a springboard for next season."

As for where things are going into season five, which starts filming in April up in Vancouver, expect to see a lot more development in the lives of the characters we know and love. And yes, this will most likely include some big movement in the Shawn and Juliet situation.

"We're gonna move a lot of things forward (next) season that we've been, sort of, playing around with," Franks told me. And referring specifically to Shawn and Juliet, he said, "You may find that there's definitive progress that happens in the summer. We just wanted to see how many ways we (could) keep them apart before it actually happened. You can't get in there too quick, but that time is rapidly approaching."

And Shawn's relationship with Juliet isn't the only one that might see some changes next season, as Franks opened up a bit about their plans for Corbin Bernsen's Henry Spencer. Likely building off of the end of this past Wednesday's episode, where Henry was offered a liaison position by Chief Vick, Franks said that Henry's life will be folded into Shawn's a little more next season. And since we love Corbin Bernsen, that's very good news!

So be sure to tune into USA on Wednesday, March 3rd at 10pm (9c) for "The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damn Episode" with guest star Jeri Ryan. And then don't miss the Hitchcock-ian Psych finale the following week (March 10th), because it'll be months before we get to see Shawn, Gus, and the rest of our favourite Santa Barbarans again!

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