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Family Guy's appeal has relied on its type of humor, that usually consists of the absurd, nonsensical, and countless cutaways. In celebration of its 150th episode, the show did the complete opposite. The entire storyline, except for the brief introduction and the musical recaps, consisted of Brian and Stewie being stuck together in a bank vault. There was virtually no plot, no reliance on cutaways, and contrary to usual Family Guy style, this episode relied considerably on the unveiling of characterization, and the dialogue between the Brian and Stewie. The results are surprising.

After Brian and Stewie found out that they would not be leaving the vault, they concluded that they are stuck with each other until they are freed. This is where Stewie decided to be his usual evil self. He had soiled his diaper, has no extra diapers, and the mess has nowhere to go. At this point, he proposed to Brian the completely unthinkable, only to have Brian reluctantly agree to help out. First it was the diaper, then it was the vomit on the ground that Stewie expelled while watching Brian clean up the diaper, and finally, cleaning the mess that was on Stewie's behind.

But it gets worse.

A botched piercing, a dead cell phone, a bottle of alcohol, and a revolver accident all caught on tape later, Stewie decided to twist the knife into Brian even further by being completely insulting and hurtful. Stewie disclosed his own cruel intentions, but at the same time, saw his own humanity reflected in Brian. As this happened, Stewie stepped out of his own selfishness, and started to become curious about Brian, and why he had the revolver. Though Brian was at first hesitant to disclose why, he was able to validate what Stewie had earlier insultingly observed about his life, and then talk further about it. As one opened up, the other also felt it safe enough to open up about his thoughts and feelings, and eventually, about how much their friendship meant to each other.

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