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There will be blood... so things are really getting going, we just don't know where. And I'm still perplexed as to how the sideways reality is going to connect with the island reality. At any rate, let's get going too, shall we?

The sideways reality was great and am I the only one who thinks that Jack is the best character this season? Here, he really wants to get Locke his legs back. But Locke, again, will have none of it. Jack tries his best to find out why, and does. See, the evil dad Locke had in the other reality is presumably a nice guy in this reality, albeit essentially a vegetable. Why? Locke got into a crash with his dad fresh off getting his new pilot's license. Loved how in this reality, Locke and his dad got into an accident together and were both hurt while in the other reality, of course, Lockey was hurt by his father (who was a bastard). Also, another cool parallel was Jack saying: "I wish you would believe me" right at the end... and I believe Locke said that to Jack when Locke was trying to round them all up to get back to the island.

The other neat thing about the sideways reality was Jack bumping into people who were on the Oceanic flight with him. Bernard in particular seemed "in the know", did he not? I felt like he knew stuff as Daniel and Desmond know... or maybe not. At any rate, I have to wonder, through all this, where Desmond and Daniel ARE. Desmond hasn't been around for two episodes now in the sideways reality. What is he up to? But this is a bit nitpicky because I felt this was a great sideways flash and we got a peak at Jin (who DIED in the other reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!)... speaking of which...

So, the island reality. WOW. What a humdinger! So, let me break it down. Jack, Kate, Chesty, Jin, Sun et al are thrown into the bear cage by Widmore's people (after a hilarious scene where Sawyer takes a rifle away from a mouthy chubby jerk... so funny). But Widmore deflates the sitch when he points a gun at Kate, who is meaningless apparently because she is not a candidate. Locke convinces Jack, in his infinitely charming way, to help break those dudes out of the bear cage and leave the island on the plane. Jack agrees to help but is adamant that he will not leave. Well, they do break them out of the cage and go on an expedition to the plane. BUT, after Locke kills a few more peeps who are weakly guarding the plane, he finds that it's wired to explode once the engine is started. So, they decide to head to the sub instead. Sawyer arranges with Jack to hold Locke back so they can leave without him. Sawyer tells Jack to get Locke in the water... can he not turn into smokey when wet? Hmmm... at any rate, stuff happens (i.e. Kate getting shot) and Locke and Claire are left out while everybody, including Jack who goes to help Kate, ends up in the sub and diving down and away from the island.

But wait! Zing! We learn a biggie. Locke never wanted to leave with the candidates. That whole "I can't leave without you" thing was all his trickery. In fact, he can't leave until the candidates are DEAD. The catch is, though, Locke CAN'T kill the candidates. So, when Locke slips a bomb into Jack's backpack, Jack is SURE that they should just leave it and it won't go off. But Sawyer doesn't believe Jack and pulls two wires that Sayid felt would deactivate it. Bad move. The clock starts ticking down crazy fast and we find out that Jack was probably right... that Locke sent the bomb on there thinking that they would do something to trigger it, and through this, killing each other rather than him killing them.

Sayid redeems himself by, after telling Jack he was the "one" and to go find Desmond in the well, running to the edge of the sub with the bomb, blowing himself up!!! That's death number one. Chesty is struck by a metal door (presumably death number two). The sub starts to flood and, uh oh, Sun is trapped and can't get out. While trying to free her, Sawyer is knocked out and Jack pulls him out to safety. Hugo had already left with Kate. So, Jin and Sun were left and Jin would not leave Sun. This was one of the most emotional scenes in the entire series, I felt. While other moments with Jin and Sun didn't really resonate, this one did. The last image of their dead hands slipping away from each other was powerful.

On the beach in the dark, Jack put Sawyer down and breaks the news that Jin and Sun are dead. Kate shows some big love to Jack (I couldn't find you, I couldn't find you) but mostly they all break down. Jack walks to the edge of the water and looks to be really struggling with everything... I was sitting there with my mouth open, shocked at everything but also loving it. The very end saw Locke leaving to finish what he started. Meaning, killing the rest of the candidates.

So, 3 episodes left. Apparently next episode will have almost no main characters and will be an origin episode in a big way. Then, two left, including the finale that will be (I hear) TWO AND A HALF HOURS!!! What's going to happen? I do hear that things will be revealed next week that will show the writers knew where things were heading all along.

Some questions/beefs (and feel free to add):

  • WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO WALT??? He was "special"...and they just....forgot about him? (the writers I mean)...I will regret this more than anything.
  • Where are BEN and RICHARD???? Seriously???
  • What is up with the mysterious kid in the woods? Huh??
  • How do the two realities converge? If they don't, I will be very disappointed. They HAVE to. Right?
  • What's Desmond's role in all this? Will this reality be affected by a huge blast again? How does it end? Jack being Jacob? The kid being Jacob?

Let's wait and see...

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metal2000 says...

I'm both excited and sad that we only have 4.5 hours of this series left (ABC just announced they've extended the finale, on May 23rd, from 2 hours to 2.5 hours). I'm really glad to finally be figuring out what all of this was about (apparently a lot of those answers come next week), but at the same time, things almost seem super rushed now, and certain details and conclusions are getting glossed over.

If I only have one beef with Lost (and Lord knows I love this show), it's that season 4 and 5 had a lot of really good detail and drama about these characters off and on the island, and now we're just breezing through everything so quickly that things aren't being given the weight they deserve. I know there's still a bit of time left, so some of things I'm referring to may still be touched upon, but I'm getting worried.

This season has been phenomenal, though -- pretty intense through and through!

By the way, as for your questions: I think we may still learn a bit more about Walt; Ben and Richard and Miles will likely play a huge role in saving the remaining 815ers from the wrath of the Man in Black; the kid will turn out to be some form of Jacob; the realities will converge in the last half of the final episode; and Desmond will be the key to that. That's all just based on hunches and following clues in the episodes -- I have no idea if it'll actually go that way.

May 6, 2010 6:07am

Slackass says...

Totally agree with you on the kid part, gotta be Jacob related. I think this next episode should give us some background on Jacob and the smoke monster.

I still can't belive they killed of Jin AND Sun. That was pretty sad, even more so when you think about the kid they left.

May 7, 2010 2:16am

metal2000 says...

I had a buddy over watching the episode with me, which probably prevented the Jin and Sun deaths from hitting me as emotionally as they should have.

To be fair, though, I was more saddened by the (apparent) Lapidus death than all the others!

May 10, 2010 5:34am

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