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Oscar Talk: Artistic Triumph (Mike Walkey's 84th Academy Award Highlights)

Posted by: Mike Walkey  •  February 27, 2012 @ 11:02am

Meryl Streep won her first Oscar the year I was born. She won her second three years later, then proceeded to rack up more nominations than any living actor, cementing her reputation as greatest ever.

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84th Academy Awards: A complete list of Oscar winners, plus our live tweets from the show

Posted by: Paul Little  •  February 26, 2012 @ 4:20am

It's finally here -- Oscar Sunday! All the other awards shows have come and gone, with the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Directors Guild of America Awards, the Writers Guild of America Awards, and the BAFTAs now behind us.

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Oscar Talk: The First Annual Walkwards!

Posted by: Mike Walkey  •  February 25, 2012 @ 3:49pm

It's that time of year. This Sunday marks the 84th Academy Awards, where Hollywood hands out Oscars celebrating the year's best in film.

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2012 Oscar nominations: Hollywood looks back in time as Hugo and The Artist lead the way

Posted by: Paul Little  •  January 24, 2012 @ 9:20am

With just over a month until the 84th Academy Awards -- which take place on Sunday, February 26th -- the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (via Academy President Tom Sherak and Oscar-nominated actress Jennifer Lawrence) announced this year's Oscar nominations early this morning.

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Walkey Talk: Scorsese in the 21st Century

Posted by: Mike Walkey  •  December 1, 2011 @ 10:13am

Do we really need to praise Martin Scorsese any more than he's been already? Do I have to reiterate the contributions he's made to film, not just through his endless list of cinematic masterpieces, but also through his contributions and advocacy of film preservation? Do I need to remind you about his passion for cinema?

Everyone's upbringing is different.

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Walkey Talk: Fall Movie Preview - Serious Film Lovers Only!

Posted by: Mike Walkey  •  September 30, 2011 @ 8:11pm

I'm not one of these self righteous film critics who always complain that movies aren't as good as they used to be. There are plenty of wonderful films out there to be enjoyed, one just requires a little extra effort to seek them out. Maybe I can help.

Here is the time of year that film buffs love. Summer is over, let's get serious.

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Lost: The Candidate

Posted by: David A. Robertson  •  May 5, 2010 @ 11:44pm

There will be blood... so things are really getting going, we just don't know where. And I'm still perplexed as to how the sideways reality is going to connect with the island reality.

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Lost: Happily Ever After / Everybody Loves Hugo

Posted by: David A. Robertson  •  April 16, 2010 @ 10:31am

With apologies to Paul and anybody who reads these summaries/reviews, I submit this double-recap. You know, it's just been busy LAUNCHING MY NEW BOOK and I haven't had time to write them. So, to catch up I'm going to have a bit of a discussion recap, rather than a review, because I'm still trying to figure out what's going on and how it's all going to end.

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