Supernatural: Two and a Half Men

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In this week's episode, Dean Winchester learns that after a lifetime as a hunter there are still some monsters in the world he hasn't seen.

"Two and a Half Men" has the Winchester brothers chasing the mystery behind a string of murders where parents are being slaughtered while their infant children go missing. It's after Sam and Dean rescue a newly orphaned child do they realize they got a lot more than they bargained for when they discover the child is actually a baby shape shifter. After our heroes bring the baby back to Samuel, Dean recognizes his family is not close as they were but more importantly, Sam is keeping secrets.

This week's episode could be summed up in one word: boring. It's strange that a plotline involving shape shifters could somehow miss the mark entirely but "Two and a Half Men" managed to pull it off. Even simple things such as logic were ignored when Samuel could barely use a computer but then miraculously hack into a home security website minutes later to run a search of potential victims. Also, near the end of the episode when he mentions he doesn't believe the "alpha shifter" can be killed. How is that even possible? Last season we saw Sam and Dean kill War, Famine and Plague and we even saw Lucifer slaughter a motel full of gods but they can't kill a prototype demon? When killing demons is a fad of the past in Supernatural, there is no point in taking such a drastic step back.

The relationship Dean has with the rest of his family has progressed too fast for my liking. While it makes perfect sense that Dean would resent them and Sam for not filling him in on Sam's latest resurrection, it's confusing how Dean is suspicious of his newfound family so quickly. Though it seems Dean has every right to be suspicious after we see Samuel making his cryptic phone call, Dean didn't see that so why is he hesitant to trust his family when Sam does? It's obvious Sam is keeping secrets but when Dean always wanted to have more family around it just seems inconsistent with the character that we have seen before. I was glad when the character Mark Campbell (played by David Paetkau) was killed because besides Samuel, the rest of the Campbell family has just been tagging along only to deliver one liners whenever they make an appearance. If Supernatural is willing to kill them off quickly, I would rather not have the characters introduced at all than take up time.

If there has ever been a relationship on Supernatural devoid of any chemistry it is the one between Dean and Lisa. In each scene they have together Dean is more obligated to protect Lisa and Ben rather than love them like his own family. Dean and Lisa not being affectionate when they are around one another only makes it less believable and although Bobby mentioned Dean being happy it fell flat. Lisa (played by Cindy Sampson) should be Dean's port in the storm and not another wave pulling him down. Even the flings Dean had with women in small town bars had more energy than he does with Lisa.

"Two and a Half Men" was a boring episode from start to finish. It had very little character development and what little it had was inconsistent. What I miss the most from previous seasons of Supernatural was the fun in between hunting demons and saving the world which isn't there anymore. Supernatural could use less cathartic releases of emotion and more Dukes of Hazard and hopefully it gets some of the fun comes back when Castiel returns in next week's "The Third Man".

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