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I've read it elsewhere, including Dalton Ross' blog, but this fact about Survivor: Nicaragua can't possibly be overstated: there are not a lot of likable castaways this season. And with one of the few worth rooting for (Super Bowl-winning coach Jimmy Johnson) being sent home last week, it made for a very painful episode to watch. Sure, watching a bunch of borderline-insane people of all ages trying to survive the elements -- and each other -- in Nicaragua is still entertaining, but it's a lot harder to get through when by the end you just want to strangle everyone.

We were treated to a whiny, hungry old tribe today. At least the most annoying of the bunch, Jimmy T, was finally sent home. He wanted to be the leader, wanted to take over, wanted to do everything, and thought he was the man. Unfortunately, Jimmy Johnson was right to "keep him on the sidelines" in the past, and Jimmy T proved that tonight. I did love that he called himself "an easy-going guy", and at the same time assumes everyone who disagrees with him on any minor thing is insecure and out to get him. Such a nut job!

Speaking of nut jobs, NaOnka -- one of the most frustrating castaways to watch in years -- found the hidden immunity idol. Oh joy. Well, Brenda figured out the clues, and they dug it up together, but delusional thought she figured it all out and has it all to herself. She really needs to shut up about Kelly B's leg -- it's one thing to not treat her any differently just because of her disability, but even if the producers have edited things in a way to make it seem like that's all NaOnka is talking about, she still should keep her mouth shut in general.

As more and more people find out about NaOnka's hidden immunity idol -- at first it was just Brenda, but then she told her buddy Chase after he started looking for it with her -- it's going to get even more dramatic over at the youngsters' camp!

The challenge was one we've seen many times before, and with way more intensity and potential for injury. Blindfolded partners grabbing stuff isn't as fun when the stuff they're grabbing are bags and BBQ lids, no matter how cool they are as a reward. (I guess I've just liked it much better when they've had to find giant wooden posts which can smack the blindfolded people in the face!) At least we got to see more of Jimmy T failing at everything, doing his part to help Espada lose once again. Maybe I'll miss him more than I thought I would -- incompetence is pretty entertaining!

Back at old-timey camp post-challenge, Jimmy T kept spouting off about how successful he's been, how successful he can be, and how he hasn't gotten any opportunities. And that's why Marty rallied to get Jimmy T instead of the weakest player in the game, Danny, who survived yet another week. Calling out the guy who's clearly controlling the game (Marty) as "not a team player"? Oh, Jimmy T, how we'll miss your incredibly big and insanity-spouting mouth.

So how are you all liking this season so far? Is there anyone worth rooting for at this point? Who do you think has the edge 4 episodes in? And what do you think of the ridiculously-named Medallion of Power? Let us know below!

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