Supernatural: The Third Man

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When the people of a small town begin to die in biblical fashion, Sam and Dean call on an old friend for a divine intervention.

When several police officers begin to turn up dead after being affected by Egyptian plagues, the Winchester brothers look to Castiel (played by Misha Collins) to find the answers. Castiel informs Sam and Dean that since the apocalypse was averted a year ago, the fallout has created a civil war in heaven. During this time, numerous heavenly weapons have been stolen from hell and it was the staff of Moses that has been causing all of these problems. It's only after Castiel takes a dive out the window of a four story apartment with another angel do Sam and Dean realize that the war in heaven is far from over.

Besides the return of Castiel, this week's episode was terrible. Even at the very start of "The Third Man", the acting between the two police officers is awful. Just as one of them falls to the floor, splashing into a pool of blood, his partner has a horrified look on his face which can only be described as laughable. After that debauchery, we get to see the morning routines of Sam and Dean to grasp just how different the two of them are. While Dean has his morning stretches, Sam demonstrates just how ripped he is with chin ups and crunches right before the hooker comes out of his room and almost forgets to get the money from him. A situation like this would not even happen with Don Draper, let alone Sam Winchester (from Mad Men; if you are not watching that show, you're missing out). How are we supposed to believe Sam Winchester is so cool that prostitutes ask him out when he has no charisma? I just don't believe it.

Just like last season, Misha Collins steals every scene. Whether it is the dry humour or the actions scenes where he is battling rebel angels, Castiel always gets the best moments and Misha pulls them off. His level of sarcasm and wit in the line "I think we can rule Moses out as a suspect" is uncanny and how truthful he can make the most absurd line can sound is quite impressive. Unfortunately, the strength of one character can sometimes expose the flaws in others.

Though Dean was ecstatic to see Sam alive again, that feeling has quickly faded away along with any chemistry. Their nonchalant attitude towards one another is dull as neither of them acknowledges how different they have become besides through subtext. It's quite apparent that Sam is not the same person he once was since getting out of the pit but how Supernatural builds the coming conflict between Sam and Dean when we already know it's coming seems pointless. Throughout the course of the series, both characters have had their share of ups and downs but never at the same time so one could be there for the other; when both characters are on the down it doesn't work. It takes away the humour and the forces the characters to be awkward with one another and it comes across as dislike.

"The Third Man" was a disappointing episode that was hard to watch, let alone review. It's hard to see Supernatural as it is now compared to what it was in past seasons. Whenever the show has had season long story arcs it has done well but whenever it strays from that formula, it's without direction and episodes have no connection. Maybe Supernatural will get back on track with next week's show titled "Weekend at Bobby's".

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