Glee: Duets

Posted by: Mike Walkey  //  October 18, 2010 @ 5:00pm

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Two for Tea, Tea for Two

Pretty straightforward this week: The Glee club is asked to break off into pairs to perform a duet in front of the class in the chance to win the coveted prize of dinner for two at Breadsticks.

The kids then proceed to play musical partners with one another which eventually lead each one on to the road of self discovery. For Curt, it's to be proud of who he is. For Quinn, it's to be a strong independent woman. For Artie, it's self esteem and his love for Tina. For Mike, it's to actually sing. And for Brittany, it's to not be a slut.

Everything culminates to the biggest diva pairing since Elton John and Eminem, as Rachel and Curt put their differences aside and team up for a classy rendition of "Get Happy".

In other news, a budding romance between Quinn and the blonde Bieber, Sam take shape after they win the duet competition.

Noticeably absent from this episode is Sue Sylvester and Puck, who we're told at the beginning by Mr. Shuster is in Juvenile Hall for driving his mom's car through the front of a convenient store and stealing an ATM machine.

Too bad, they may have provided a bit of spice to this solid, but safe episode. However, expectations are high for next week's Rocky Horror Picture Show tribute episode!

I'm looking forward to see what they've got up their Sweet Transvestite's sleeve.

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