Glee: Dynamic Duets

Okay, so after criticizing how immature this season's new love triangle was, Glee must've heard me because they stepped up their game with a couple of surprise twists to make this triangle much more interesting. All that trouble that Ryder was having in his classes? Turns out he's dyslexic. And his learning disability somehow worked as a bonding point for him and Jake because now they're BFF's. Well, they at least have each other's backs! And now that they're friends, it makes the decision for Marley all the more difficult. I suspect it will get a little messy in the next couple episodes once Ryder finds out Marley's got a date with Jake this Friday! I hope Ryder plays the disabled card with Marley – that'll make her feel real guilty!

Blaine Warbler

Phew, that was a close one. We almost lost the centerpiece to the New Directions. Thanks to Sam for talking some sense into that gelled up head of Blaine's. It was a return to leadership form for Sam that was lacking in the last couple of episodes since Finn's return. Blaine's been beating himself up for weeks and it's nice to see him put all this behind him and move on.

Super Finn

So Finn, you think you can throw on a sweater vest and everything will be alright? Despite your sharp haircut, leading the Glee club is much harder than it seems! But the Super Hero idea was actually not bad. I'm not a Super Hero aficionado but the assignment seemed to work this week. It did bring Jake and Ryder together. And I've always been a fan of Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out For a Hero".

No news from New York this week, but I have to admit, the episode worked on me. For the first time I was caring about the stories of the new students at McKinley. Maybe I just needed some time to warm up to some of these characters. Marley's self esteem and eating disorder is developing into a strong story arc and not just a one off "message" episode. And it's nice to see Jake as a more three dimensional character and not just the cliché bad boy.

Next week we'll return to the Big Apple and catch up with that other love triangle: Cassandra- Brody-Rachel. Can't wait to see what Brody has to say!

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