Glee: Makeover

It's been a fun start to the fourth season of Glee so far, despite some predictability. And so here lies the first episode with a major cliff-hanger ending. It's a classic love triangle scene, but did it have to come so soon after I jokingly predicted it? That's right Gleeks, Finn made his first appearance this season with a surprise pop in to Rachel's apartment, mere moments after "Brodygate". Aka, Rachel and Brody were locking lips but were unceremoniously interrupted by Finn's knock on the door. More on this later.


Ambition is running high this episode: Blaine is running for student body president with Sam as his running mate. Up against them is Brittany gunning for a second term with Artie as Vice Stick. Will is struggling through a case of Idea's Block. He's got none and can't come up with any good ones for the New Directions to help them prepare for Sectionals. After talking to Sue, Will believes he might need a new challenge in life/work especially after achieving his goal of Nationals last year. So he applies to be on the Blue Ribbon Panel to improve Art Programs around the country. If he gets in, he'll have to take a hiatus from McKinley.

Kurt's was able to get an internship at and his boss/mentor is Isabel Wright played by Sarah Jessica Parker, who clearly got this role because of her work on Sex and the City. Note to SJP: "Your show was great; deservedly critically praised, wildly popular and hugely influential. But please, it's time to retire your Carrie Bradshaw character and do something different! The show's been off the air for nearly a decade. You need to move on! Your whining about how your life's a mess is not cute anymore, and just looks sad when you look to a teenager (Kurt) for advice."

Back at McKinley, Blaine and Sam end up winning the school election and have a bonding moment. And it's a good thing Sam is there for Blaine because Kurt's isn't. He's off canoodling with fashion icons and ignoring Blaine's calls. After cheering up Blaine, Sam then bonds with Brittany " boy this guy's really getting around this season. I said earlier, Sam is evolving into a big time leader at McKinley, but now he's taking a turn towards martyrdom. It'll be interesting to see in what direction the writers take the character.

And finally back in the Big Apple, Rachel gets a makeover from Kurt and Isabel. It was actually a work project and Rachel was the subject. The project went over so well with Isabel's boss, she had to celebrate with Kurt, hence the canoodling and ignoring of Blaine. So we see a potential future for Kurt in NYC. One that doesn't involve singing Cartier Jewelry and dancing. And good for him; he's just as strong a performer as Rachel is, but you got to admit he's got more creativity. Perhaps fashion is where he belongs?

Anyways, Rachel's makeover goes over well with Brody, too well. After being invited over to Rachel's place for dinner, Brody insists he won't lay a hand on her. Of course he doesn't say anything about lips... heyo!

Sure enough, after burning the duck for dinner, Rachel burns Brody's loins with a short make out session on the floor of her studio apartment. That's as hot as it gets, because Finn shows up and it looks like Brody's going to have to put those blue balls to bed.

Well, we don't really know that for sure, the episode ended with a shot of Rachel opening the door to unveil Finn's big naive grin which immediately switched to a confused look after seeing Brody. He's probably thinking, "WTF, I go off to serve my country and my girlfriend is here serving this guy burnt duck?"

I hope the next episode opens with a sing off between Finn and Brody to win Rachel's affection. I think Brody should sing "I Wanna Sex You Up" by Color Me Bad. And Finn would (appropriately) belt out "Quit Playing Games With My Heart" by the Backstreet Boys.

Guess we'll find out next Thursday! To be continued...

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