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After weeks of baseball playoffs and Presidential elections, Glee is finally back. I almost forgot where we left off. Everyone broke up, remember? Well as it turned out Will and Emma are still together, but they still have some things to work out. More on that later. Nothing new to report this week about Kurt and Rachel in New York... was this Glee's subtle way of referencing Hurricane Sandy?

Arite recruits Finn to help him co-direct McKinley's production of Grease. Since Finn is still wallowing in self pity, Artie also enlists the help of old friends Mercedes and Mike Chang as vocal coach and choreographer, respectively, to take some heat off of Finn and maybe cheer him up a bit.

Will and Emma seek Coach Bieste for some relationship advice as they still haven't figured out what to do with Will's Washington scenario. In a nutshell: Emma didn't want to go with Will to Washington so they fought, then Emma agreed to go and they still fought, now Emma's staying in Lima while Will is off to Washington and they're closer than ever!

Since Will is taking a hiatus from McKinley, he needs to find a new Schue, and it's been pretty obvious in the last couple episodes that the new Schue is Finn. By the end of this episode, Will "officially" passes his torch and asks Finn outright, "Will you take over the Glee club?" Of course we're cut off before we get an answer, but who are we kidding? Finn's got nothing going on right now! He even keeps reminding us all about how little he's got. As it turns out, this whole episode was Finn's coming out party. He has already become the new Schue before becoming the new Schue. Finn inspired Unique to be Rizzo and stood up to Sue in the process and he went out and found an unknown to star as the lead in the musical – is it me or does Ryder look a lot like Michael Phelps? Finn has already taken the lead. Will basically "Mr. Myagi-ed" Finn.

What else is going on? The Jake/Kitty/Marley triangle is heating up especially now with Ryder in the mix. They all performed a great audition of "Hand Jive" to determine who got the leads. By the end, Marley was chosen to be Sandy to newcomer Ryder's Danny.

I kind of like Kitty evolving into a delicious villain. She's definitely getting some of the better lines on the show. She's sort of turning into the new Sue. Speaking of which, what exactly is going on with her? After helping the New Directions to a National victory and giving birth, Sue's character appeared to be going in a new direction but this episode marked a return to the old Sue – one that was blatantly trying to block the production of Grease. Her big concern was the cross gender casting of Unique as Rizzo. This is all fine and I always preferred the acid tongued Sue to the kinder gentler one, but it doesn't make sense here. Sure, she had some of the funniest lines this episode, but I don't get what her motives are. Why does she even still care what the New Directions are up to?

Anyways, we'll have to wait until next episode to see how the Grease production turns out, but I do like the inspired casting. And maybe we'll get a New York update as well!

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