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Were you like me and found it a little odd that this episode wasn't so much the New Directions staging the musical Grease, but more them paying homage to the 1978 movie Grease? I'm a fan of the movie too, but I would have liked to have seen some creativity instead of everyone just performing scenes shot for shot straight out of the movie. I guess Finn has only seen the movie, or just didn't realize it was based on a long running Broadway musical?

Oh well, most of the musical numbers had me smiling. I figure if it made me happy, it couldn't be that bad!

Fichel & Klaine

After a week off from the drama in New York, the double dater breakups were all back together, this time in Ohio. Kurt and Rachel decided to check out the New Directions' musical. Did they really have to come? It seemed pretty contrived that they would return. Like it was just some big writer's ploy to screw things back up again. I thought it was all over. Well, apparently Kurt needed some closure and Rachel was just there for support. But then once Kurt got there, he didn't even want to talk to Blaine! WTF Kurt? YOU'RE the one who wanted to see Blaine! YOU'RE the one who's been in mourning with The Notebook! Poor Blaine is pouring his heart out and trying to keep focused through "Beauty School Dropout" (my favourite performance of the episode). Clearly it was emotional for you Kurt to watch your former beau. I'm not asking you to take him back but the least you can do is talk with him!

Fichel already had their closure but now things just got worse. Oh well, at least they can agree on something – not communicating. Ouch! In all respect, it's early on and this is probably the quickest way for them to move on. Out of sight, out of mind so to speak.

Dirty Deeds In NYC

Oh Brody... what the hell are you doing? You're handsome and charming, but come on, breaking up Fichel is one thing! But once you have Rachel all to yourself and what do you do? You Eff things up before things even get going!

Okay, I know Cassandra is pretty hard to resist, but come on dude! I find it hard to believe anything you say now. I hope Rachel just forgets you and just focuses on her career – that's what she's in New York for anyways. She's got her BFF Kurt for support. She'll be fine.

Unique and Sue

Am I the only one who is kind of tired with Sue's character by now? Don't get me wrong, she was my favourite character from the beginning. Sue Sylvester is one of the most hilariously witty and original characters in modern television but the character just keep going in circles now. She's all over the map and her actions are completely inconsistent every few weeks. I still don't understand her motives. Why is she sabotaging the new directions? I really don't think she should care. Too bad, because this was one of the first Unique storylines I found very compelling. I really felt for him when all he could do was watch from the audience while Santana performed Rizzo. I'm looking forward to upcoming storylines with this interesting character. I wasn't a fan at first, but I have to say Unique, you're starting to grow on me.


Oh Marley and Ryder, the two of you are so naively cute together. Like Sheri and Drew in Rock of Ages. But you're recycled storylines about weight issues and cliché love triangle with Jake is just not that interesting. Kitty, however, you are quickly morphing into the new Sue with some killer wit and great zingers.

All in all, an erratic episode, typical of this season. I love how Glee is trying to move forward with new characters but it will never be able to fully move forward if it keeps hanging on to the old characters. It was great to see Santana and Mercedes and Mike but all the show is doing is reminding us of how great these old characters were while under developing the new ones. I wish it would just pick a direction.

See you next week.

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