Supernatural: Weekend at Bobby's

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In "Weekend at Bobby's", the new king of hell discovers that when you break a deal with one of the oldest hunters in the game, there will be consequences.

When Bobby traded his soul to Crowley last year for the location of Death, the deal was that after the apocalypse was over his soul would be returned. Unfortunately, Crowley is not in the business of giving back souls and wouldn't budge even when facing a devil's trap (due to his trusty hellhound) but the word "no" is never the end for Bobby Singer. Rather than live out his years peacefully, Bobby has been helping other hunters and has never forgotten that a demon owns the rights to his soul.

While the last three episodes of Supernatural have been lackluster at best, "Weekend at Bobby's" was a huge departure with a high quality episode. The story presented was the first time we were shown Bobby's day to day life and just how much other hunter's rely on him rather than just Sam and Dean Winchester. Whether it was how his neighbour flirted with him or just how well he handled himself against an Okami demon, Jim Beaver plays Bobby Singer incredibly well. In this episode, Bobby has a sharp sarcasm and humour reminiscent of the first few seasons of Supernatural and evident when in the line "Alright then, let's roll credits on this chick flick" and reminds me of the pilot episode when Dean said "No chick flick moments" to Sam.

If there was a time in the series when the sentiments of the audience were vocalized in a series, it was when Bobby tore Sam and Dean a new one. Everything starts when Dean wants to share his feelings to Bobby as to how Sam is not the same person since coming back from hell but when Bobby doesn't have time to hear it, Dean gets sad. The result is Bobby laying into the Winchesters over the phone about how whiny and self centred they are and can only think about themselves. I don't mind when Sam and Dean need to have a heart to heart chat every now and then but when it is happening more often then they kill demons, there is a definite problem. When one of the show's characters is tired of the complaining, it is time for a change and that is exactly what Supernatural needs. "Weekend at Bobby's" was great because Sam and Dean were barely present, a welcome break when the show is constantly tearing the brothers apart only to bring them back together again every season.

"Weekend at Bobby's" was a great episode with character, wit and action. My only quip is that there aren't more stories like this on Supernatural as rather than rely on the great supporting cast the show has, they burn out telling the same story with Sam and Dean. It just goes to show that complex doesn't always mean better when great episodes like this happen. On a side note, Jensen Ackles also directed this episode which matched the familiar style and tone perfectly in an impressive showing.

I guess we'll see if this episode brings new life to Supernatural in next week's "Live Free or Twi-Hard".

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