Royal Canadian Air Farce: New Year's Eve 2010/2011

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The Royal Canadian Air Farce comedy troupe reunited for the annual New Year's Eve show. Not much has changed in their formula. The sketches involved all of the usual topics: politics, taxes, news events, and celebrity impersonations, all done with a Canadian flavour (even the "OU" spelling was turned into a joke). Any major news events, such as those that involved youtube, World Cup, Olympics, Gate Rape, and Barack Obama's popularity all found their ways into the sketches.

Most of the impersonations were done as gross exaggerations. Even after all these years, the Air Farce team still evidently believes that humour is found in creating inaccurate caricatures, as opposed to being as authentic as possible. The end result was many bad impressions including but not limited to Justin Bieber's gender identity, Stephen Harper still being robotic, and Sarah Palin coming to a Tea Party meeting by means of a sleigh pulled by a person. The only accurate impressions were those of Elmer Fudd, and Céline Dion (a mandatory reference to The Holmes Show). Sadly, Jessica Holmes, clearly the most talented member on Air Farce, could only make it for two sketches.

In her absence, was the Canadian politician parody of the Chilean trapped miners, wherein the anglophone leaders found themselves stuck together in a sinkhole. Jack Layton's lack of education, moustache, inability to become prime minister, were all made fun of. However, nothing could compare the complete absurdity of him getting turned into food for the other two politicians that were depicted as having literally turned into cannibals. In other words, Air Farce remains ridiculously bad in its writing and acting, in that it is forced, lazy, and predictable. At its worst, none of it makes any sense in any context, and hardly justifies the show returning even as a yearly reunion.

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