The Big Bang Theory: The Zarnecki Incursion

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World of Warcraft is a place on the internet where lots of drama occurs. On the surface, it is just a game, but to Sheldon, it is more than a game. To him, it is his on-line alternate life. In this alternate life, Sheldon has spent a huge amount of time leveling up, and collecting virtual items. It comes as no surprise that Sheldon would react badly when he was hacked. First, he attempted to call the FBI. They ignored him. Then he called the police, and he was not taken seriously. And finally, he decided to take matters into his own hands, and track down the hacker, Todd Zarnecki.

In the Pilot, Penny sent the four men on a suicide mission to get her television back, which resulted in a humiliating outcome. Not having learned his lesson, Sheldon decided to embark on yet another similar suicide mission, but this time, it was to take back what was rightfully is. It was a poor decision, and involved Leonard having to brush Priya off for two nights straight. After confronting Todd to no avail, and having engine trouble on the way home, it was Penny that drove out and fixed all their problems. This further emphasizes the differences between Penny and Priya. Penny is accepting and supportive of Leonard's pursuit of his on-line hobbies turned into real-life drama, whereas Priya is not.

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