The Big Bang Theory: The Herb Garden Germination

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There is a subtle joke that is played out in this episode. The joke not only targeted the characters, but also the viewer. Throughout the episode, there is the assumption that Bernadette was going to break up with Howard. This assumption became the plot, wherein everybody gossiped about. It is an easy piece of gossip to believe, considering Howard's failed attempt at moving in with Bernadette, and their spat back in The Love Car Displacement. By the time everybody gathered together, it seemed like Howard was destined to fail again in the romance department, but that was not the case. Before he could finish the proposal, Bernadette eagerly accepted. This is where the joke is played on the viewer, as the viewer is also left waiting for the disastrous proposal to happen.

The origin of the gossip was only mentioned, but never shown. By the end of the episode, one of two possibilities come true. A) The gossip was false, or B) Bernadette changed her mind. Not only was it made ambiguous, it also made the point of proving the uselessness of believing in gossip. This moral was made even more true, as Sheldon and Amy decided to spread a fake rumor of themselves. This only goes to show how rumors should not be taken seriously, and that people should be discouraged from spreading gossip. The real irony, is that the two most socially inept of the group, Sheldon and Amy, understand this concept the best.

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