Supernatural: My Heart Will Go On

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Imagine for a second that you were somehow able to travel back in time and prevent the Titanic from sinking; so many people would be saved, countless articles would not be printed and best of all, no one would ever have to hear that Celine Dion song.

It's the same old story in Chester, Pennsylvania as people are being killed in mysterious ways which are uncannily reminiscent of The Final Destination films. Bobby is still a bit shaken since the death of Rufus so he decides to stay home with his wife Ellen while the Winchesters head out in their classic Ford Mustang to investigate. After some sleuthing around, Sam and Dean discover that the link between them is that all of their families were on the Titanic when it crossed the Atlantic. Did I just say that Bobby has a wife, the Winchesters drive a Ford Mustang and that the Titanic successfully crossed the Atlantic? As it turns out, Fate is on a mission to set things right and kill all of the survivors of the Titanic, all fifty thousand of them. Little do Sam and Dean know, Castiel has been busy in his time away but not only that, Fate herself is holding a grudge against the Winchesters for averting the apocalypse.

After another short hiatus, Supernatural is back with a good but also odd episode. The show's take on the fates was refreshing as opposed to their horrendous dragons; even the gold thread that is cut for each person's life was a nice subtle touch for those familiar with the classic Greek myth. It was also great to see Ellen, played by Samantha Ferris, return just for one more episode even if it was for an alternate time line story. It's unfortunate that Ellen wasn't more critical to Sam and Dean's success or failure and in turn it just felt like she was just window dressing; a nice touch but we only saw the softer side of Ellen briefly.

Although I can't really fault "My Heart Will Go On" with anything in particular, it's disappointing that we know so little about the importance of the souls and how that factors into the civil war in heaven. We have only seen Raphael a few times this season and Castiel has been less than forthcoming but it is getting late in the season. At this point, it has become repetitive that Castiel will just show up near the end of the show and disappear after another vague story about how difficult his life has become in the aftermath since the apocalypse. I'm concerned Supernatural will rush to finish the season but it also means we will definitely see some surprises before the end. Supernatural has traditionally had better years whenever they have had the end clearly in sight like seasons one, two and four.

Supernatural has started its final run of the season with a good start and hopefully we will see this continue on in next week's trip back to the past in "Frontierland".

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