Glee: Night of Neglect

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The road to nationals has officially begun and after a short hiatus Glee is back. After putting together a string of some of the series' best episodes building up to a Regionals Championship and debuting original material by New Directions, this episode is unfairly destined to be anticlimactic.

I say unfairly because the episode doesn't match the big plot developments or eyebrow raising issues that previous episodes have, but that's because it plays more like the beginning of the final chapter of this season with some hints at what to expect for the upcoming weeks.


New Directions need to raise funds to get to Nationals, but they're not the only ones who need money. Arite, Brittany, Mike, and Tina, aka The Brainiacs, also need cash to represent their school at the Academic Decathlon Finals in Detroit.

After realizing that selling salt water taffy is pretty hopeless, Will, with the help of his now official squeeze Holly, comes up with the idea of hosting a Benefit Concert to raise funds for both the New Directions and The Brainiacs. The concert's name? A "Night of Neglect" - featuring the music of neglected artists. After that description, I was hoping to hear some pop stylings of El Debarge, but I wasn't so lucky.

Piece of cake? Wrong, of course. Dramatically speaking we need an obstacle for them to overcome, so who better than good ol' Sue Sylvestre. Still reeling from the Regionals loss, Sue decides to enlist some "professional" help to take down Will and the gang. Pledging their allegiance with Sue are Vocal Adrenaline's coach Dustin Goolsby aka Sgt. Handsome, former glee coach Sandy Ryerson aka Pink Dagger, and Will's ex Terry, aka Honey Badger.

The Glee club recruits some help of their own in the (petite) form of Sunshine Corazon. Her impressive pipes and 600 Twitter followers are expected to fill up the auditorium.

Meanwhile, Mercede's inner diva comes out of her shell, and Kurt and Blaine have another run in Karofsky – hinting at some unfinished business that may surface in future episodes.

Sunshine bails from the benefit, meaning the auditorium is empty save for a nasty team of hecklers lead by Pink Dagger. But the show must go on! And after Tina's bumpy reception, Will uses a little salt water taffy magic to mute the heckles. But all they really needed was a great performance and that's what they got from Mercede who dropped her outrageous requests and belted out a showstopping rendition of Aretha Franklin's "Ain't No Way". Seduced by the Mercede's heat, Pink Dagger has a change of heart and decides to pay for both The Brainiacs and New Directions.

Afterwards, Holly drops a bomb on Will: she's taking a job in Cleveland and breaking up with him. And after Sgt. Handsome and Pink Dagger prove failures to Sue, she turns to her ace: Terry Schuester. We shall see what's in store for Will & Co. Next week!


Finn's hair sure had a lot of volume this episode.

I've never been a fan of Holly Holiday. This character seems like she should have a show on Oprah's Network – "Girlfriend!"

I'm happy to see this story line come to an end... we'll see how long it lasts.

I'm very intrigued to see what happens in the Karofsky plotline.

Best Song:

I wasn't too thrilled with any number this week, so I had to choose Mike's dance "Bubble Toes".

Best Lines:

"Those aren't eggs in your fallopian tubes. They're rare exotic pearls. This hairline is 85% my own and my sperm count is off the charts!" – Sgt. Handsome trying unsuccessfully to seduce Holly

"With your size you easily could have stayed in the air ducts for days." – Artie to Sunshine

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