The Big Bang Theory: The Agreement Dissection

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The Agreement Dissection was split up into four parts, following a storyline that could only happen to Sheldon. The episode started with Sheldon running into Leonard and Priya in the bathroom, which Sheldon reacted later by pulling out the dreaded roommate agreement. As Sheldon was stating his ridiculous case to the Leonard, Priya stepped in and utilized her extensive legal knowledge against Sheldon. After getting defeated by Priya a second time, this time over not ordering pizza, Sheldon walked across the hallway, telling Penny to order a pizza.

The second part involved Sheldon tagging along with Penny, for a night out with Amy and Bernadette. The topics of kissing and dancing came up, and to everybody's surprise, Sheldon revealed that he learned how to dance while growing up. The night wrapped up as Sheldon went back with Amy to her apartment for part three, to discover a smoking monkey. A drunken Amy suggested that Sheldon look to the monkey for guidance in how to deal with Priya, and then Amy kissed Sheldon only to vomit very shortly afterward.

Part four full-circled itself back to Sheldon and Leonard's apartment, wherein Sheldon drafted up a new roommate agreement for Leonard to sign. Combined with a ticking e-mail time bomb, and knowledge of Priya's weakness, Leonard was given one minute by Sheldon to sign the agreement. Not only did it turn out that blackmail worked, but it also showed that there was a sign that things were not going completely well between Leonard and Priya.

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