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Since Castiel and the Winchesters found themselves on opposing sides, things have gone south for our two favourite brothers. Just when it appears things can't get any worse Dean's worst nightmare comes true when Crowley kidnaps Lisa and Ben. Crowley must have not been paying attention because if there is one thing you never, ever do in Supernatural, It's piss off Dean Winchester.

After an alarming call from Ben, Dean has to forget about a certain angle in order to save the family he once had. With Castiel still after the souls in Purgatory, Bobby is sent on the trail but is a few steps behind. When killing demon after demon isn't enough to find out where Lisa and Ben are being held, Sam and Dean make a desperate plea to Balthazar for help; though he is reluctant to trust them his tune changes when the boys mention Castiel's deal with Crowley. When Bobby finally gets ahead of Castiel he arrives on Dr. Ellie Visyak's doorstep, not only his ex girlfriend but also a former resident of Purgatory. After Balthazar takes Sam and Dean to Lisa and Ben's location it's a race to save them but when Dean finally arrives, is it already too late?

Supernatural's latest episode of the sixth season was surprisingly quite good. I say that because previous episode that Lisa and Ben have been a part of have been underwhelming but "Let It Bleed" raised the stakes by placing both of their lives in jeopardy. Dean has been conflicted about being a family man versus a hunter and has always regretted bring the two of them into his world; the damage he did to the demons was a side of Dean that we have not seen in a long time as he kicked a lot of demon ass.

While we have seen the relationship between Dean and Castiel have its ups and downs, it has recently all come crashing down. Watching their friendship unfold has been a wildly entertaining journey and the chemistry between Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins is undeniable. Dean and Castiel have mentioned several times that they have been like brothers to one another but the breakdown between the two of has been better than the one between Sam and Dean earlier this season.

At times, this season has been shallow in the emotion department but that has quickly changed thanks to Castiel. Though he appears to be morphing into a villain as time passes his reasons for his actions have never been misunderstood. Castiel has been conflicted about his actions, his pact with Crowley and saving the world from the apocalypse which has given his character a great deal of pathos. Seeing Castiel as a hero has been great but watching him transform into something else entirely has given Collins even more time to shine.

In the final moments of "Let It Bleed", Dean made a tough choice, one that he will have to live with for the rest of his life. After Castiel saved Lisa from death, Dean had one last request from his friend which was to erase him from their memories. Dean's story that he hit them in a car accident was excellent. The analogy that Dean came into their lives as force and abruptness of a car crash fit perfectly and Dean's ultimate decision to save Ben and Lisa from his life was tragic but ultimately selfless. Lisa and Ben were the life that Dean has always wanted but his realization that his life would inevitably ruin if not destroy theirs showed a lot of growth in his character.

All in all, this was great episode from Supernatural with action, suspense and character. Stay with me because the exciting conclusion to season six is just another click away in "The Man Who Knew Too Much".

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Andrew Burns says...

I never thought about Dean's car crash explanation like that, but your right, it was a nice touch. Probably the last of Lisa & Ben and thats probably a good thing

May 26, 2011 12:33am

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