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With the vampire BBQ now over and sun down the Louisiana King goes on damage control after the town's newest centuries old wrathful necromancer's genocide spell. In the aftermath of Antonia's spell Jessica is saved by Jason and then later breaks it off with Hoyt to push both of them away. Lafayette gets taken for another ride as a medium with the spirit surrounding Arlene & Terry's baby. Sookie and Eric fill another 5 minutes of screen time for the episode while wearing nothing again (that wasn't a complaint). Alcide and Debbie's new pack master Marcus turns out to be ex-husband of Sam's new squeeze. Peace talks between Bill and Antiona end quickly in a foggy graveyard free-for-all.

I was expecting as Jason to arrive just in time save Jessica after last week's cliffhanger ending, but it was surprising to see her get turned by him of all people. Jason's reaction to him pretty much turning down some 'you saved my life' sex from Jessica was priceless as he decides to immediately drop to the floor and start doing push-ups to counter his sexual frustration. A sad turn of events in any means because outside maybe Bill & Sookie's past relationship Jessica & Hoyt were probably the happiest couple to watch on the show.

Still keeping last year's werewolves' story going the leader of Alcide and Debbie's new pack, Marcus, gave a stern warning to them about staying far away from the vampire and witch feud. Now that Marcus and Alcide seem to be finally getting along with each other its just a matter of time before that goods to hell since Alcide can't quite stay any from Sookie. It looks like True Blood had a couple things in the works for this character Marcus as they revealed here in "Spellbound" that he is Luna's crazy ex-husband of a werewolf. With him interacting with Sam, Luna, and her daughter now its just a matter of time before Marcus' character branches out into some of the main story-lines.

Armed with a fistful of silver Sookie breaks her last rule between her and Eric and lets him feed on her so he can recover after being tied down with silver all day long. This ignites some more classic True Blood soft core montages with Paquin and Skarsgard but because of them both feeding on each other it does put a Fear & Loathing spin on it. True Blood's take on the vampire lore is a kind of regenerative recycling when it comes to their blood. Vampire blood can heal a human, even give them extra strength and an added drug like high. In turn, human blood can heal a wounded vampire by giving them strength. True Blood circle of life/undead if you will. Since Eric's blood is over a thousand years old and Sookie's is part fairy, them swapping plasma made from an erotic Viking winter type acid trip. From a guy's point of view: sure it's nice to see Anna Paquin doing her thing every once and a while, but at this point in the season it's been done already so they should be using that extra time to flush out some of the other character's stories.

Not sure what happened with Jesus after last week's episode, as it seemed him and Lafayette were out in the boonies with his grandfather one scene then the next Lafayette was back cooking in Merlotte's kitchen. In Jesus' absence this episode we get some much needed backstory of this ghostly figure Lafayette has been seeing around Arlene & Terry's baby. This spirit is obliviously a suffering soul after losing her only child because it was born out an affair; also at a time when interracial couples were considered blasphemy. Looks like Lafayette's feminine wardrobe will pay off from his new spirit host.

When "Spellbound" is coming to a close Bon Temps' cemetery plays host to this season's impending showdown between the vampires and witches. It wasn't too much of a stretch to see both sides double cross one another by not coming alone but there were a couple of interesting things to note. A plastic Pam was about to rip Tara into pieces when Bill stops her and commands her to never harm Tara; ever. This is a shocking turn of events for both of the girls involved, and I can see this being a possible reason for Tara to switch sides near the end of the season. The other turn of event to point out was Marnie casting an unknown second spell on Eric, just as things between him and Sookie were getting good. Not sure why this big battle comes at this point of the season but I hope True Blood knows what they are doing to maintain some interest between this two sides after this showdown.

Leave it to Bon Temps' county sheriff to say something stupid throughout the show. Andy is in withdrawal from him being out of 'V' but its his delivery of his addict fuelled rant that gets him this week's True Blood quote of the week:

"Jesus, tits, and God America Jason. What the f**k is happening to me? I'm only good on the 'V' dude. It's the only time I ever feel I'm not watching myself not live up to people's expectations, and hating those people for having expectations, and thinking about hitting them in the head with a bat."

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