Supernatural: Meet the New Boss

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In the season premiere of Supernatural, Castiel has officially become God and it's now up to the Winchesters to stop their former friend before it is too late.

Picking up in the moments following last season's finale, Castiel has eradicated Raphael and Crowley has fled. After his transformation Castiel realizes that he could kill Dean, Bobby and Sam but what would be the point in crushing ants? Instead, he decides to destroy all of those who were loyal to Raphael, go on a murder spree of religious zealots and tell Crowley what his plans are for him. It's only after Castiel slaughters a politician and her constituents that Sam and Dean decide that they can no longer sit back and decide to summon the last surviving horseman: Death. Like almost all plans from Sam and Dean, that plan goes south but not before Death reveals that Sam's memories of being in the cage with Lucifer and Michael are haunting him and that Castiel has more than just souls inside of him. The new God taken on an ancient power that is darker and far more powerful than he could imagine and it is only a matter of time before the Leviathan consumes, or destroys him entirely. With his time as God running out will Castiel have the strength to give up his new power or will Sam and Dean be forced to put an to his new order?

For a series that was meant to end two seasons ago, Supernatural continues to go strong. Meet the New Boss was the perfect way to begin season seven by picking up in the moments following season six and brought a lot of story for one episode. A huge strength of the Meet the New Boss was how well it tied up the loose ends of the past season while creating new stories. Pacing through the show felt natural from one scene to the next with an excellent combination of action and story. I was quite surprised that Sam's hallucinations from hell/the cage even made it into the episode but they were quite well done even though the one time he was in the basement and everything went red, it did kinda look like a Freddy Krueger movie.

In another huge surprise of the premiere, most of the all time best guest stars made an appearance on the show. Having Castiel around is great but giving him a scene with Death is even better. Misha Collins and Julian Richings have such mastery over their respective roles it was long overdue to have them in a scene together. Mark Sheppard also returned as Crowley and displayed his usual agility in the role but the return of Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer was superb. Even if Lucifer is a hallucination, I wouldn't care as long as they keep Mark Pellegrino around for as long as they can.

My one complaint in the episode was how quickly Castiel went from new god to an angel possessed by a demon. By having his deterioration happen over a few episodes Supernatural could have shown Castiel have more of an internal struggle with relinquishing his newfound power while the Leviathan slowly consumed him. Also, it would have given the audience an opportunity to see him as god which turned out to be a short lived experience of a single episode.

Overall, Meet the New Boss was a great start to season seven. There is a new monster around possessing the vessel of an angel and Sam has just begun to battle his own demons which will continue in next week's Hello, Cruel World.

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