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Lots of stuff happening this week. Some old story lines were brought back and new ones took interesting turns. And some nice numbers from West Side Story, made for an interesting episode.


Kurt's candidacy run gets off to a rocky start because Brittany, bless her heart, decides to help him with his campaign. She means well, but her "Unicorn" platform is just too gay even for Kurt!

Will has decided to start a dance boot camp for the Glee kids who need some pointers. Since he's putting all his focus into winning Nationals, Will lets Emma, Coach Bieste, and Arnie take the reigns to produce this year's musical: West Side Story.

The big news this week is the return of Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzal) aka Rachel's birth mother, aka Beth's (Quinn and Puck's daughter) adoptive mother, aka that actress from that movie Enchanted. She's gotten a job at McKinley High as a personal coach to my new favourite character: Sugar Mata.

Shelby doesn't waste time shaking things up as she tries to reconnect with Rachel, resulting in a beautiful duet. But reaching out to Quinn wasn't as smooth as Quinn takes offense and has some choice things to say to Shelby. Puck, however, is able to bond with his daughter in one heartfelt scene.

Meanwhile, Sue (in limited action this week) continues to advocate against the arts as part of her run for office. Her recruitment of skanky Quinn to help her make a documentary and expose the negative impact of Glee club backfires when Will unloads on Quinn, with a good ol' fashioned "Grow Up!"

The documentary may not have worked, but I'm sure Sue has more tricks up her sleeve which will surely rile up Will, who's becoming more and more aggressively macho with each episode this season. Of course not before he and Mike get to show off their slick moves in the form of some slo-mo formation dancing. Love that "Whoosh" sound!

Back to West Side Story, the trio of Emma, Coach Bieste and Arnie make for an interesting and humourous team as they hold auditions. Unfortunately for Kurt, he can't seem to light a fire under The Bieste's lady parts making him a long shot for the lead role of Tony. However, Blaine sure heats up the stage and the hearts of the judges setting up the first bump in the Kurt – Blaine relationship road: will Kurt (a senior) be jealous if Blaine (a junior) gets the lead role over him?

As if Kurt doesn't already have things on his mind with his campaign: he's finally decided to let out his inner unicorn, but not before Brittany decides to step down as Kurt's manager and throw her tiara in the race for school president. The race for true unicorn supremacy begins!

And finally, after a tearful meeting with Shelby, Quinn decides to loose the skank image and rejoin the Glee club in a "reverse Sandra D" moment. Of course that mischievous mind of Quinn lets Puck know her real motives: cleaning up her act will hopefully get her full custody of Beth.


Brittany is becoming the inspirational voice of reason on the show. She's always had some of the funniest lines, but when did she get so wise?

On who should be school president:

"99% of the school are either freaks or closet freaks...The captain of the football team gets the job but doesn't represent the people. That's why we need a unicorn."

Well put Brit. You are so comfortable in your own skin. You deserve to be president. Thanks for this week's best lines.

Best Song:

Not that many to choose from this week. Blaine brought the heat, but my favourite was Rachel and Shelby's duet of "Somewhere There's A Place For Us".

Next Episode Sneak Peek: "Asian F"

Expect an episode centered around Mike Chang (it's about time!). We also get to know a little about Mercedes and her beau, along with some background info on Emma's OCD, because we get to meet her parents! Plus, Will Schuester has a surprise for us.

See you next week!

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