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After Sam and Dean rob a bank and kill everyone in the process, our heroes may have finally snapped. Lucky for us, it was just the leviathans impersonating the Winchesters in an effort to bring the entire United States police force down on them.

While nega Sam and Dean seemingly bounce from place to place leaving destruction in their wake, the real Winchesters and Bobby need a plan and a way to kill the leviathans; all the while experimenting on the one trapped in the basement. With all of the damage their impersonators have done, the FBI is restricting their movements which bring them to Bobby`s old friend, Frank Devereaux. Frank may just be the craziest friend that Bobby has ever referred them to but he can get them new identities...but no more rock aliases. The boys finally catch a break when Sam figures out that the leviathans are going to locations of their old jobs and they can head them off in Iowa. When the Winchesters head out Bobby gets a surprise visit from Sheriff Jody Mills who is intent on repaying the favour when he saved her life. After "Jody" accidently discovers what can hurt the leviathans, it may be the answer Bobby was hoping for but is it too late when Sam and Dean have already fallen into the leviathans trap?

After the disastrous Defending Your Life and Shut Up, Dr. Phil, Slash Fiction was a big step up. Sticking closer to this season's central story arc appears to work for the show much more than the singular, contained stories. Having Bobby back in the story also helped a great deal as his absence was strongly felt in the last few weeks. Bobby adds a great deal of humour with unsophisticated charm and his scenes with Sheriff Jody Mills were surprisingly light hearted, cute and their own story within the episode itself.

Although the idea of turning the Winchesters into America's most wanted was a great idea, Supernatural didn't take the concept as far as they could have. The hunters being the hunted isn't a new premise and has even been done before in the show but if it had gone on longer than one episode it could have brought a greater tension and uneasiness Supernatural has not had this season. Sam and Dean need to feel threatened by more than another seemingly immortal enemy they have similarly encountered before.

The Winchesters on the run would also help with the next issue I have with the leviathans, Richard Roman. Roman is obviously a powerful politician/head of corporation type that is clearly based in the real world which has never been the case for the series. Supernatural's appeal over the years has been that two brothers were driving an Impala across the country, stopping demons and saving lives while finding always being on the fringe where people would never know that they exist. The leviathans continue to infiltrate more critical areas within society at a rapid pace and I hope that Sam and Dean aren't caught up in that and taken out of the war they have been fighting for so long. Although, I will say that Crowley's brief appearance has been long overdue and it could even lead him to being an ally again for Sam and Dean.

While Slash Fiction is not Supernatural at its best, it is definitely a step in the right direction. This could be a stepping for stepping stone for better episodes to come just as easily as it could be a prelude to future episodes like Shut Up, Dr. Phil but we will find out in next's week's originally titled, The Mentalists.

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