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Artie has been enjoying being a part of the directing team that's putting on West Side Story, which helps him realize he may have found his calling. He takes his directing so seriously, he decides to take it off the stage and into the lives of his peers. He recommends Rachel and Blaine go out and lose their virginity, hoping the experience will enhance their method acting skills. He also meddles in Coach Bieste's love life and tries to hook her up with Cooter Menkins, the Ohio State recruiter currently visiting McKinley. It seems to me that Artie is more interested in being Dr. Ruth than Bob Fosse.

Anyways, Artie's methods do provide some action: Cooter is able to finally woo Coach Bieste after some heavy persuasion, and by the end of the episode, Klaine and Fichel do the deeds, but only after a couple of rocky first attempts.

Finn is offended that Rachel only tried to seduce him to be a better actor. But apparently it was okay for Rachel to cheer him up with sex after Recruiter Cooter dashed his College dreams. I'm not here to judge... or maybe I am! I know people have sex for all kinds of reasons; and whatever those reasons are between the people involved. But I just think that Finn's reasons aren't as innocent as Rachel's.

Kurt on the other hand, didn't want to do it with a drunk Blaine in the backseat of a car especially after Blaine spent the evening dancing with Sebastian Smythe, a tall handsome Warbler interested in Blaine's warbles. Klaine has a falling out in the parking lot of the club Scandals (boy, been there sisters!), but fortunately they do kiss and make up and give each other their respective virginities before the end of the episode.

I thought Kurt's conversion came awfully quick. It's amazing how upset he was with Blaine and how soon afterwards he was jumping into the sack with him. But I do think Blaine is an honest to God decent guy (too bad he's gay, I know!) who I believed to be genuinely sorry for his actions so I guess I can cut Kurt some slack.

The Klaine storyline did provide some threads that might set up for some interesting future plotlines. The first is the character of Sebastian Smythe who will definitely raise some eyebrows with his overt sexual openness. I can see him dividing audiences already: confident young gay man, or stereotypical gay male predator? It's too early to tell right now, so we will have to wait and see which directions his character goes.

The other was the cameo by Kurt's old nemesis Karofsky. They had an interesting chat in Scandals. Karofsky seems to have lightened up and accepted who he is, but is still not ready to tell any of his peers yet. And I like Kurt's point that it was never about sexual orientation or judgement between them. Just violence. Does this close the book on the Kurt – Karofsky storyline? I believe we haven't seen the last of the Bear Cub, but this definitely tidies things up a bit for now.

Back to school:

Opening night for West Side Story goes off without a hitch with Santana bringing the heat to "America". Love that accent! Mike Chang's dad unfortunately skipped the show, but his loving mother was in attendance, and the musical provided the setting for Cooter and Bieste's first date. Hence, another interesting storyline to keep an eye on in future episodes.

Sorry Gleeks, no new information on the Sue/Burt political race or the Shelby/Puck affair. And despite the uproar about all the sexual fireworks in the episode, I found the most uplifting words of wisdom courtesy of Artie:

"When you're in a chair, it's hard to ever feel like you've ever grown up. Everyone's always doing stuff for you, and get freaked out about saying the wrong thing so they coddle you. Sometimes it's hard to ever picture a life of being totally self sufficient. But directing you guys, the way you trusted me, the way you looked at me, listened to me. It's the first time in my life I've ever felt like a grown man. "

Artie lost his virginity to Brittany, and this is what made him feel like a man?

But seriously, the greatest most powerful source of creativity is not the hands, the feet, nor the voice. It's from the mind. And it's from the heart.

If you have those, you can do anything.

See you next week for another Mash Up episode; this time featuring the sounds of Adele.

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