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Well apparently I spoke too soon! Last week I was applauding glee for having the guts to hold off on a teacher-student (Shelby & Puck) affair storyline, but before I could say 90210, here they are jumping in the sack together. I feel so naive. But according to Puck: he's hot, she's hot... seems like a no brainer!

Fair enough.


When we last left off, Santana had just bitch slapped Finn at the end of her heart wrenching performance of "Someone Like You". Usually one gets suspended at McKinley for actions like those, but Finn denies she actually hit him so the suspension is dropped. Finn doesn't let Santana off the hook completely though. By lifting her suspension, he's able to blackmail her back into New Directions, just in time for Sectionals.

Finn also comes up with this week's assignment: Songs by women, for women. It seems like Finn is just trying to help, but he comes off as patronizing poor Santana, who's clearly going through a tough time. Most of the songs don't really help much. Klaine's version of "F...n Perfect" was cute but corny, Puck's "I'm The Only One" was pretty hot, but intended for Shelby not Santana. Finn, on the other hand was able to generate some genuine emotion with an terrific ballad of Cyndi Lauper's classic "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".

The intentions are good, but the "Poor Santana" message being put out there is very awkward. It's not until the girls back her up on "I Kissed A girl" does she get the support and girl power she needs.

And it's good, because Santana's grandmother was not too keen on her coming out of the closet. In one terrific scene, Santana lets the tough Latina chick guard down and we see her bonding with her Nana, until she tells Santana she never wants to see her again for being gay.

In other news, in an attempt to deflect the gay rumours swirling her, Sue drafts a boyfriend in the form of Cooter... Bieste's Cooter... well, Bieste's no more. Coach Bieste is devastated that Cooter Menkins couldn't pick up on her signs, but vows to put up a fight for him.

The boyfriend may have come too little too late, however, as Sue concedes to Burt in the election. And speaking of elections, Britany has become the new Student Body President of McKinley High thanks to Kurt being disqualified because Rachel stuffed the ballot box for him. Poor Rachel. She just wanted so bad for Kurt to win and go to NYADA, but now has to sit on the sidelines next week because she's suspended and banned from Sectionals.

And for those of you wondering about Shelby and Puck, well, Beth had a fall and needed stitches. Shelby called Puck from the hospital for support and decides to thank him for his effort by sleeping with him! Girls. They just want to have fun. That's all they really want.

Best Line:

"I'd rather raw dog a beehive." - Puck turning down sex with Quinn

Best Song:

Santana showed great range while owning this episode. Her rocking "I Kissed A Girl" and melancholic "Constant Craving" were tops.

Next Episode Sneak Peek:

  • It's Sectionals week and performances include choreography-filled versions of Janet Jackson's "Control" and Destiny Child's "Survivor".
  • And the return of Sam, aka Trouty Mouth, who's been doing a little exotic dancing of his own!

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