Supernatural: Adventures in Babysitting

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When a fellow hunter falls into a trap, it's up to Sam and Dean to step in before it's too late. But with a recent loss still hanging over their heads, they may not be ready for what is waiting for them.

Still reeling from Bobby's death, Sam and Dean mourn for weeks while trying to determine what the numbers mean in Bobby's dying message. When things seem hopeless, Sam gets a strange call from a young girl asking for Bobby and no one else. Tired of sitting on his hands, Sam decides to track down the call but Dean is unwilling to give up the one lead they have on the leviathans. Instead, Dean meets up with Frank Devereaux to see if he has any news on the numbers. Frank has discovered that they aren't just any numbers but actually coordinates but after they do a bit of surveillance work, they realize that the area is a dead end, for now. After tracking down the call and offering his help to the young girl named Krissy, Sam is rather easily taken down by two vetalas. With little time before the vetalas kill Sam and Krissy's father Lee, can Dean put his quest for revenge behind him long enough to save them?

As the follow up to last year's Death's Door, Adventures in Babysitting wasn't the revenge story you may have expected. For the first few minutes of the show we saw Sam and Dean appear understandably depressed to the tune of 80s guitar riffs which didn't help to set the mood after one of the shows best characters died. It was a good decision to avoid any contact with the leviathans as encountering them so shortly after Bobby's death would only dissolve any tension that can be built in the coming episodes.

What the episode did very well was to actually have the Winchesters semi solve a case. The answers were almost handed to them but still, before yellow eyed demons and the devil, the two of them used to solve cases on a weekly basis. Their decision to throw themselves into work at the end of show is a fitting way to acknowledge neither of them is ok with Bobby's death and may never get over that but what else can the two of them do?

Another strong point of Adventures in Babysitting was its excellent guest stars. Kevin McNally has proven that he was an excellent choice as Frank Devereaux by bringing a believable amount of paranoia to Supernatural before but this time his confession of what happened to his family was powerful. For a moment, Frank wasn't the conspiracy driven, manic hacker but instead someone whose life had been torn apart but he kept going, a week at a time. Madison McLaughlin was great as Krissy but the character clearly had a crush on Dean towards the end of the episode. She was obviously hoping something will happen in the future with Dean, kind of like that little girl (Isabel Two) that ended up marrying Brad Pitt's character in Legends of the Fall when she got older (reference!). The only bad part about Krissy is that she also had a confessional about what happened to her mother when Frank already had his. The point was clearly to show that at no matter what stage of life you are in, it goes on. Regardless, it felt like overkill when it would not have mattered if we found out either way what happened to Krissy's mother.

All in all, Adventures in Babysitting will never stand out as a great episode of Supernatural but puts the Winchesters back on the path they need to be. With any luck the show will continue with its break from the leviathans and it looks like we will get that in spades when Sam and Dean tussle with the God of Time in next week's Time After Time.

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