Supernatural: Time After Time After Time

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When Dean takes and unexpected trip into the past he now faces two problems: how does he stop the demon and how does he get home?

After getting a tip from Sheriff Jody Mills about some strange killings where the victims were mummified without the bandages, the Winchesters set off for Canton, Ohio. After interviewing the usual stoner witness and an older woman, Sam and Dean set after Mr. Snyder. When the two of them split up to cut off Mr. Snyder in an alley, Dean seizes the opportunity to stop Snyder in the act but it ends of sending him back to the year nineteen fourty four. It's here that Dean is arrested by the police which leads to his interrogation by a well known detective, Elliot Ness. A few questions later and Dean is certain of one thing: Ness is a hunter. After a quick change of clothes the two of them discover that their problems are much bigger than they thought as it turns out Mr. Snyder is not just a demon, but Chronos, the god of time. Meanwhile in the present, Sam and Sheriff Mills are trying to come up with a way to save Dean but there is just one problem – if Dean kills Chronos in the past, he is stuck there forever.

While last week's preview seemed like a repeat of last season's abysmal trip to the wild west in Frontierland, Time After Time After Time delivered in spades. This episode was exciting, witty and filled with humour because it didn't take itself so seriously like other time travel episodes have in the past. Not only that, every scene with Dean and Elliot Ness was fantastic and everything from the set design to the lighting to music were exceptionally well done. If Supernatural could be this good in the year nineteen fourty four, I actually think a series with that concept could be something great.

Another great aspect of this week's show was its guest stars. Nicholas Lea as Elliot Ness was superb throughout the course of the episode. He brought charm and earnestness and his biting sense of humour never went into complete sarcasm. Although I could not find her name, whoever played Ezra was also pretty damn funny and her chemistry with Ness and Dean was remarkable considering she was in the episode for such a short period of time.

Time After Time After Time did so many things right, it was every bit as good as Death's Door a few weeks ago. Not because it is necessarily a better episode but because it was so entertaining that I enjoyed it on an entirely different level altogether. With any luck, season seven will continue on its latest hot streak of strong episodes when it returns February 3rd with The Slice Girls.

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