The Walking Dead: Better Angels

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"Freeing that prisoner -- more important to you than Carl?"

Better Angels is probably the weakest episode of the entire series so far. It had its moments, and some of it were good, but the way it ended was just awful. The irony of Carl shooting Shane was fine. But what was not fine, was how Carl just managed to show up in the middle of the field, to find his father having just killed Shane. The scene where Carl pulled out the gun, and the camera is angled in such a way where it looked like Carl was aiming at his father, and Carl being all quiet about it, was just awful. This was deliberately deceptive toward the viewing experience, way too dramatized, and the three of them being at the same place and time was just a bit too coincidental to be a good story.

The other thing that is worthy of mentioning, was both Randall and Shane coming back from the dead. But on a side-note, Shane killing Randall off-screen with audio only was just lame. The director intentionally not showing this incident is at best, a poor attempt at artistic impression, and at worse, literally going out of the way to deny showing the viewer what had happened. Either way, this contributed nothing, as Shane, just like Randall, would pop back up, only to get killed again. The return to life for these two men did imply that people do not need to get attacked by walkers, in order to turn into one. They only need to die for it to happen.

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