Supernatural: Out with the Old

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After a long absence, the leviathans have finally returned but was it worth the wait?

After a ballerina literally gives the dance of her life, the Winchesters are off to another small town. After a local antique store was bought, the owner decided to sell off everything, including his mom's enchanted trinkets that that each have their own method of killing off their owners. It's only after they retrieve all of the cursed items that Dean notices that a single realtor has managed to buy almost all of the property in the area and after a bit of digging and a chat with Frank Devereaux, they uncover that the leviathans are in town and it's a buyer's market.

While there was nothing terribly wrong with Out With the Old, it wasn't a remarkable episode by any stretch either. Having Sam and Dean run around town tracking down items only discover that the leviathans are in town as well only proves that neither story strong enough to stand on their own, so they were combined into a single episode. It was also a strange choice to bring the leviathans back in such a relaxed way as they have never piqued my interest at all this season and the two that were featured didn't help.

Speaking of the two leviathans, the chemistry between George and Joyce left something to be desired. Though they were obviously intended to be comedic duo for the show, the dialogue could not have helped any less. Their scenes together were more to kill time than flesh out a story that needed a few extra pounds and when you combine that with this being a single guest appearance, it's hardly memorable. George (played by Bryan Cuprill) managed to be more likeable than Joyce but when the beings that were created before the time of the angels are buying properties for a quarter of an episode, it feels like a potential interrogation scene that could have moved this season's story further along than it is.

Out With the Old wasn't bad but it was definitely a forgettable episode for season seven after there were so many strong stories earlier. I'm sure Supernatural will take a turn for better next week when Castiel return in The Born-Again Identity.

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