Supernatural: Of Grave Importance

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For anyone thinking of doing a remake of Ghost, you're too late; Supernatural got there first.

When fellow hunter Annie Hawkins doesn't show up to meet Sam and Dean, the two of them know something is wrong. Annie went hunting the night before and unfortunately, it was her last job. Little do Sam and Dean know but Bobby (in ghost form) has also been with them the entire time. Bobby has been giving Dean clues and is also the one to tell Annie that she's dead when the boys come by the house she was searching. The house is also filled with the ghosts of all of the victims of Whitman, the spirit that has been killing those foolish enough to enter the house and then feeding on their souls once they have been trapped within its walls. Even though Whitman is looking for his next meal, Sam and Dean don't know Bobby is on the menu but can they save him before it's too late?

Although Of Grave Importance marked the return of Bobby Singer, it was surprisingly light on plot. Besides the fact that Bobby was there the entire time there were no surprises or twists and Whitman being the deadly ghost over Dexter wasn't a huge shock by any stretch. There could have been a great deal of humour if they had shown Bobby getting used to being a ghost and being in awkward (trapped in a restroom with Dean at a truckstop).

Speaking of awkward, the scenes between Bobby and Annie ran much longer than expected. The character that was acting as their mentor to interact with the physical world also felt out of place. How was it that he would teach them such an invaluable skill but Whitman didn't kill him? I understand that this was the nod to the movie Ghost but they could have had some fun here and the only distinction between life and death was a muted grey filter over everything in the shot. If the direction was more creative to add effects or an audio distortion to demonstrate a transition for Annie in some way or another I would have felt as disoriented as she did. Everything appeared and felt the same to Annie but that was a misstep for the story.

Even though he defied death to stay behind for Sam and Dean, Bobby still can't catch a break. I was expecting Dean to be relieved to see Bobby but instead he and Sam were reluctant and the two of them know it won't end well. I felt sorry for Bobby as he sat in the back of the car, listening to the two of them discuss his fate while he grudgingly continues between this life and the next. It's a testament to how good of an actor Jim Beaver actually is for how much he can convey just sitting in the back seat of a car and reminds me how much he adds to Supernatural.

Of Grave Importance wasn't as strong as recent episodes of Supernatural and didn't have the story to back it up either. Having Bobby work a case in the afterlife with another dead hunter is cool but the execution wasn't there but luckily, Jim Beaver keeps the episode above water. We'll see what happens this week when fan favourite Felicia Day guest stars in The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo.

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