Supernatural: The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

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It's Felicia Day bitches!

With no news on the leviathans for quite some time, Bobby finally tells Sam and Dean what his dying numbers meant. Although the boys already knew that it was a location, Bobby tells Sam and Dean that Dick was looking for something important enough to devote a lot of resources to it. Suddenly Sam gets a message on his computer, Frank is dead and someone is trying to hack his hard drive which has all of his secrets and the aliases of Sam and Dean and worse yet, where the Impala is. Frank's hard drive was given to Charlie, an employee and hacker for Roman Inc. who gets a lot more than she bargained for once she cracks the drive. Sam and Dean are there to lead her away from the leviathans but without Frank, it's up to Charlie to go back to Roman Inc. to get the drive back and save the boys. On top of that, Sam and Dean can't trust Bobby to stay away from Roman at the risk turning into a vengeful spirit and trying to kill them all, so there's that too.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo can be summarized in four words: It's Felicia Day bitches! Without any question, she was the star of the episode as everything that was written around her character Charlie while the overall tone and humour took its cues from Day. Essentially, the episode turned out to be the Felicia Day show but no matter how witty or quirky she is, not even Day can distract from the biggest failing of the season thus far.

With less than five episodes left in the season, the leviathans continue to be the most lackluster antagonists in the history of the series. Not since the season three opener, The Magnificent Seven, has Supernatural had enemies that are so boring. Richard Roman comes across as a deranged motivational speaker (most do already) but beyond that there isn't much. The end goal of curing people to eat them is obtuse at this point. Combined with the constant "snack" and "quick bite" dialogue that are commonplace in leviathan speak, it's just annoying.

Bringing Bobby back into the fold also seemed like it would bring some stability back for Sam and Dean but it has done the opposite. It's interesting that Dean was willing to let his offspring from a demon walk out of a hotel without killing her (Sam killed her) and how Sam wanted to let his friend go (Dean killed her) but neither of them feel any sympathy towards Bobby at all. Their discussions of what they have to do in case he becomes a vengeful spirit seem premature but this could possibly be attributed the experiences that both of them have had. It would have been more believable for their doubts to surface if Bobby hurt one of them rather than Felicia Day's character since she was really a person that was caught up in the leviathans web rather than somebody Bobby is close to.

No matter what happens in the rest of the season, the leviathans simply can't stack up to the previous villains like the Yellow Eyed Demon, Crowley or Lucifer and I'm hoping that this story will be tied up soon so the Supernatural can move past this forgettable threat. I'm sure the tedious nature of the leviathans will be exemplified again next week when Castiel returns in Reading is Fundamental.

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