Supernatural: There Will Be Blood

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What a predictably dull hour of television.

After a brief interview on a talk show and the purchase of a major food additive corporation, Richard Roman has begun to spike the punch by using high fructose corn syrup to spread his sedative across the world. Elsewhere, Bobby tells Sam and Dean that they need Crowley's blood and the blood of an alpha to make the weapon that can kill Roman. After summoning Crowley, he is willing to give up the goods but only under the condition that they obtain the blood of a fallen angel and an alpha demon first. Though Sam and Dean were under the impression that Castiel had killed all of the alphas, the first vampire is still alive and Crowley gives them his location. When Sam and Dean get to the alpha vamp's den, they are quickly hostage after learning the vamp has already struck a deal with the leviathans. But after the Winchesters tell him the new secret sauce is the reason why vampires are suddenly dropping like flies, he may be having a change of heart.

This episode should have been called There Will Be Blood...technically. Supernatural first brought on the idea of the alpha demons in season six and they did a much better job with them then. By having the alpha vampire dressed in suit sitting at the end of the table makes him just as cheesy as Richard Roman, who, along with the leviathans has been the biggest disappointment of the season. And how can you have vampires with barely any blood? It doesn't even make sense.

Since his first appearance in season six's Family Matters, I was expecting the alpha vampire to be something special but again, Supernatural let us down. The alphas are the ancient offspring of Eve and they could have been depicted as a force of nature, a hurricane that can't be stopped. Instead the alphas have always been subdued and more like chained animals used to further the plot. I appreciate that Supernatural takes the time to provide the fan service but if they just wanted to bring the alpha back (played by Rick Worthy) he could have at least been intimidating. My cousin has finger nails almost as long as that guys'! (Seriously, it's weird)

What the season six has lacked throughout is the personal connection that Sam and Dean have had to the antagonists. From seasons one to six we were spoiled with the Yellow Eyed Demon, Lucifer, Castiel and even Crowley. Sam and Dean always had something at stake when they tangled with all of them and ever since Roman killed Bobby, the Winchesters don't have anything left to fight for besides themselves (and they have each died too many times for that to be a threat). It was a gamble to strip the allies like Castiel and Bobby away from Sam and Dean and now that Supernatural has done that, what are they fighting so hard for?

Between ghost Bobby, Kevin Tran, the alpha vampire, Crowley and the leviathans, There Will Be Blood was another episode in season seven that was headed in too many directions to have any measure of focus. It's been a rocky season for Supernatural and I would be surprised if they are somehow able to have a good season finale and now that the show has been picked up for an eighth season, it's less likely that the dreaded leviathans will an exit soon (fingers crossed). We'll see what happens in next week's season finale Survival of the Fittest.

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