Continuum: The Politics of Time

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"I would rather keep a secret from you, than break a promise to you."

"The Politics Of Time" centers around the death of a reporter that spent her final evening with Carlos. To make matters more complicated, the reporter had been a thorn in Carlos' politician friend, Jim, and the date of the election was very soon approaching. The issue of trust in all relationships was the main theme of this episode, which led to Kiera re-evaluating how she related to other people.

Carlos had been friends with Jim for the last twenty years. Jim explained that the reporter had some dirt that she was going to make public about him, in regards to the upcoming election. As a severe misstep, Carlos offered to keep Jim out of the murder investigation of the reporter for a couple of days.

In the process of repairing Kiera's suit, Alec hooked the suit up to his computer. The suit's processing power enabled obtaining and upping the resolution of the bus shot of the reporter getting driven home. This shot showed that the driver was Carlos.

Upon returning to her apartment, Kiera concluded that the fragment of the time travel device could have only been stolen by Kellog. She speculated that at some point, Kellog will use that fragment as leverage against her.

Carlos decided to smarten up, and confess about having spent the night with the reporter. His superior tore a strip off him, and suspended him for keeping such a huge secret from the murder investigation.

Kellog was in possession of a code that could access a satellite. After a successful negotiation with Kellog, Kiera got Alec to hook up all the high tech gadgets together in order for her to do an investigation to find that Carlos was not a murderer. Not only that, but the technology used in the investigation also showed the killer to be female.

While Carlos was taking a shower, the (presumably same) assassin came to kill Carlos, and to make it look like it was a suicide. Carlos proved to be too formidable of an opponent, and he injured the assassin's right arm, making her flee instead of trying to finish Carlos off.

It turned out that ten million dollars had been contributed to Jim's campaign fund, despite Jim refusing large donations due to him having proclaimed himself to be the politician that could not be bought. Sarah got arrested for having played a part in the murder of the reporter, but she was too scared of coming forward of who pulled the strings.

In a flashback to Kiera's old life, she confronted her husband over an affair he had before they got married. Kiera wanted to believe that in a trusting relationship, there are no secrets, and that she would not have to rely on the technology that she had access to, in order to find out the truth about her husband. This scene is meant to contrast Carlos offering to be honest with Kiera in the present, further setting up Carlos as a foil to Kiera's husband.

The final scene brought Liber8 into the picture. It showed that Kagame was behind everything, and that Garza had a patched up injury on her right arm.

As the series continues, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to be sympathetic with Kagame. He views himself as believing in a righteous cause, and above the antics of violent anarchists. Kagame has even stated that there are better ways of achieving Liber8's agenda, than with brute force. In this episode, he proved that he is nothing more than a hypocrite. He used his gang to silence and murder somebody that cared about the truth, only for him to gain influence in politics. His regard is not for the truth, but to obtain the power to rebuild society in his image, even if it contradicts his ideology.

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