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"And the only friend I have, I lie to him every day, and I hate it."

This week's episode, "Family Time," managed to absolve Continuum, after last week's disastrous episode. "Family Time" took the series back to the ideological war, putting Kiera and Carlos on Alec's farm, where it all began.

The episode started with a scene from Kiera's old life. She and the rest of the protectors were pursuing the Kellog siblings, which ended in Matthew's sister getting killed. Matthew's sister's dying wishes were for Matthew to give the stolen item to Kagame, and to leave her so that Matthew can escape.

In the present, Kiera and Carlos were sent to investigate a large purchase of fertilizer at a Surrey farm. Coincidentally, this was the farm that Alec and his family lived on. While there, Kiera had to make it look like she and Alec did not know each other. Alec took Kiera to his barn to show her his computer rig, as well as her suit.

It turned out that there was some merit to the fertilizer investigation. Julian and his friends were a bunch of wannabee extreme leftists, inspired by the Liber8 video, with plans to start a revolution. A scuffle ensued, leaving Carlos with a gunshot wound. Julian's gang then took Kiera, Carlos, and the rest of Julian's family as hostages.

Alec was escorted to the barn by one of the gang members to go and retrieve a gun. While there, Alec snuck out Kiera's suit, and temporarily connected Kiera to the police. As Carlos laid there, he noticed that Kiera was talking to somebody, but without any kind of a device, which led to him concluding that Kiera had been dishonest with him all along.

The news channel was broadcasting the events that were taking place at the farm. As Kagame watched, he pointed out that the incident at the farm was how everything started.

After suiting up and hiding Carlos, Kiera made it look like the two of them had escaped. Kiera started to pursue the gang members, but Julian blew up the propane tank. This diversion caught Kiera in the explosive shockwave, and also gave Julian the chance to run back to the house to see his father.

Roland convinced his son, Julian, to turn over the gun. A police sniper thought that Roland was the target, so Roland was shot and and instantly killed. By the time the police entered the house, Julian (being familiar with the woods around the farm) had fled the scene.

After the long day, Kiera went to pay Matthew a visit. She mentioned that she had been present for the deaths of Matthew's sister and grandmother.

In the scene from the old life, Matthew was shown to drop the item that his sister had wanted him to give to Kagame, and to choose to stay with his dying sister instead of escaping. In the present, Matthew forgave Kiera, and reminded her that only the two of them could understand each other. Kiera responded by telling Kellog that she was married.

The final scene of the episode showed that Julian had fled into the city. A nearby pay phone rang, and Julian recognized the caller as Kagame, who offered to pick up Julian, and to provide food and shelter.

By bringing Julian into Liber8, this will also drag Alec into the whole mess even deeper. One of the few redeeming portions of last week's episode, was Kagame speculating that Alec had somehow been in contact with Kiera. Next episode, the season finale, will have all the pieces in place, and how Kagame will use Julian to get to Alec and Kiera could prove interesting.

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