Continuum: Endtimes

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"We didn't change history."

"Endtimes" addressed all the loose ends of the series thus far. The power struggle between Travis and Kagame was resolved. The time traveling was explained. Alec and Kagame finally met face to face. Kiera's position with the Vancouver police was somehow confirmed to be legitimate. Kagame's history with Alec and Julian was explored.

The episode opened with some foreshadowings. The first was of Kagame and Kiera together in their old life inside of a building, watching a nearby skyscraper get blown up by Liber8. In the next scene, Kagame was deferring to an unseen person inside the prison. The other foreshadow that took place was very recently, where Kiera paid Kagame a visit to give him a birthday present.

Kiera started the walk of shame from Kellog's boat, but not before having retrieved the stolen time travel device that Kellog had taken from her. As she left, she received a call from Carlos, who had miraculously recovered in a remarkably short time. He informed her that CSIS has now been involved in investigating the terrorism by Liber8.

Before Kiera could get back to work, she ran into what appeared to be a lunatic warning the public about the end of the world. In truth, he was not only sane, but also from Kiera's time. Although he was caught in the same time travel incident, he arrived in 1992, and used his time to build a time travel machine, which happened to need the part that Kiera was holding. In addition, he also stated that they were not alone in the time traveling, thus setting up new storylines for next season.

Alec followed Julian to Liber8's headquarters, only to get captured and strapped into a chair by Garza. Kagame came in to exchange a few words about changing the past to alter the future, using the metaphor of how a pebble casted into the ocean can cause a tsunami on the other side. When Alec was left alone, he figured out a way to cut himself loose and escape.

Julian was sent to go into a downtown parking lot and to detonate a bomb. As the police arrived on the scene, Julian found out that the detonator did not work. Kagame, in a police uniform, located Julian to tell him that the bomb was not supposed to go off, and that "we will meet again."

Kagame's plan was to have Julian be the diversion, while he brought the explosives with him into a building. Kiera and Alec caught up to Kagame to try and stop him, but he explained that everything was a part of Alec's plan.

Both Kiera and Alec ran out of the building as Kagame blew up the bomb. Kiera's suit provided a force field for both her and Alec, leaving the two of them unharmed from the explosion and the debris.

Sonya went to the hospital to make a drop-off for a new born Kagame and his mother. Travis had followed Sonya, and this was anticipated by both Kagame and Sonya. It turned out that Sonya had been appointed by Kagame to be the new leader of Liber8, and that she had to get rid of Travis.

Kiera went to see Jason and his time travel machine. Having gone through the very beginning of the first major Liber8 terrorist attack left Kiera in an emotional state (the above title image), so she made the difficult decision of choosing to stay in 2012.

An elderly Alec is seen sitting down with Kagame in a prison. This scene is meant to be a parallel to Kagame talking to a strapped down present day Alec. It is in this future scene, where Alec is blabbing about being on a beach facing a tsunami. Kagame is next seen talking to an older convict Julian (the unseen man in the opening scene) about having to listen to Alec, thus furthering the whole chicken or the egg question.

One of Kiera's bad habits is to find herself seeking out Kellog whenever she has a problem. While Kiera was on Kellog's boat, Alec contacted her to break her the news of how she was meant to travel back in time, as (old) Alec was the one that was responsible for it.

The episode ended with Alec telling Kiera why she was sent back, as Alec had finally cracked the password to the message to him from Kiera's chip. Alec did not get to fully explain himself, as that was left for next season to explore. Not a great cliffhanger, but at least it started to answer the questions of how and what Kiera and Liber8 are supposed to do with the time traveling.

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