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Eleven down and one more to go, True Blood ramps up the stacks in this season's second last episode of the year. As always the series is in typical finale form and every main, minor, and obscure character start crossing paths toward the inevitable bloody conclusion the show is known for. Let the speculation begin!

This past Sunday the episode "Sunset" was a fast paced, no more small talk, lets just get to the point type episode. After Russell denounced Lilith and the Authority to go after fairies (aka Sookie) at the end of last episode Jessica was worried for Jason and his sister and tries to con Bill into leaving the complex. Eric on the other hand performs his born-again Lilith worshipper act convincingly enough to get Nora and himself away from Salome and Bill's grasp. Sookie and Jason meet Bon Temps elder fairy in hopes to find answers about the contract for her life to Worlow, as well as help against Russell after hearing Jessica's warning.

Out of the whole season so far "Sunset" was easily the most entertaining from start to finish. It wasn't that it was all non-stop action, because with the exception of the last act there was none, but the story just never stopped. It was quick when it needed to be and took its time to build anticipation as well. Basically there was never a dull moment in the episode. That's not to say everything in it was great because there were some minor scenes that didn't work but they didn't last long and the next story-line swiftly started up.

Like I mentioned at the begininng this episode created some speculation for things to come and not only for the season finale next Sunday, but also for potential stories to lead into next season. I have some theories on some of the story-lines and certain characters and I figured why not jump the gun, skip the finale, and do some good 'ol fashion guessing for what might happen next year:

  • Seeing as near the beginning of the episode here a high ranking US General was introduced almost like a Scooby Doo character, hinting at who the bad guy might be, the American government could be the potential treat next season. Before Eric snapped the General's neck he had uttered some hidden treats about there being a government wide war plan and secret anti-vampire weapon armory being constructed as a backup plan if Roman's "Main Streaming" plan went south. Since Roman and his dream have died this is a safe bet for next year.
  • Sheriff Andy got some unexpected expecting news this episode regarding his one night stand with one of the fairies last season. Apparently Andy is going to be a Dad to what his baby-fairy-mama called "the light". Whatever that means isn't very clear yet but there is too much stuff will be going on with all the different vampire arcs next episode for the finale so I can see this fairy baby of Andy's will be something to continue on in season six.
  • This next theory of mine might end up happening during the finale rather than next year but seeing as I haven't heard any casting news for True Blood since Christopher Meloni (Roman) earlier this year it could still happen. Since Russell killed and drained the elder fairy, exposing Sookie and all the other fairies in the secret night club, he obviously will feast on multiple fairies. What I'm guessing might happen is when Russell either runs out of fairies to drain or just wants Sookie's blood Worlow could appear and enforce his contract that Sookie is his and his alone. If I'm right it should be interesting how a Russell/Worlow confrontation would play out because as of right now Russell is the oldest, most powerful, vampire introduced in the show and Worlow could be older for all we know.

I could keep guessing different scenarios but I'll just have to wait like everyone else. Next finale is shaping up to be a bloody one coming from every angle. From Salome and Bill entranced to become a living Lilith, to the sudden surge of newly turned vamps, to Russell dining on a room full of fae. Also wouldn't be a True Blood finale if a cast member or two departs or experiences the 'true death' before the season ends. Salome, Nora, and Russell unfortunately all could be considered expendable. I hope that's not the case for at least one of those three because I really hope Denis O'Hare sticks around a little longer. Russell did mention an idea to synthesize Sookie's blood, just like the Japanese did with real blood to create True Blood, so vampires could be daywalkers after all. That's enough speculating for me, till next week's finale fang-bangers.

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