Glee: Britney 2.0

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Oops, they did Britney again! At only the second episode, Glee does its first theme episode of the season, and Ms. Spears becomes the first artist to get a second treatment from the New Directions. I hope this isn't a sign that Glee is running out of songs/artists to perform. Whatever the case, a couple of hot numbers and some fast moving character developments take this episode forward.


Brittany S. Pearce is stuck in a rut: she misses Santana, gets booted off Cheerios and put on academic probation. In an attempt to help her out, Mr. Schuester gives the class a Britney Spears assignment. This does more bad than good as Brittany S. Pearce uses the assignment to act out making her week at school parallel the pop star's real life meltdown complete with violent outbursts and a head shaving incident (almost). As it turned out Brittany was just milking the meltdown to appear lost so her "comeback" would be more dramatic. At least that's what she told Sam. Boy, when did Sam become Dr. Phill? First he talks Marley into joining New Directions and then a heart to heart with Brit about her broken heart? He's really emerging as a leader at McKinley in the absence of Finn.

In other McKinley news, Jake is making a quick name for himself as resident womanizer... just ask Unique. Boy, I have to say, two episodes in and I'm already tired of Unique's over the top Jennifer Hudson impression. Anyways, Jake and Marley are getting to know each other pretty fast. A duet in the grandstands and a fight in the lunchroom in her honor isn't enough to solidify their relationship yet, since Jake had already committed to Kitty. Not even a talk with Big Brother Puck could help Little Puck avoid that mishap. That's right, Big Puck makes an appearance way sooner than expected to talk some sense into Little Puck. Don't worry Jake, you'll get it right soon enough. And Marley? Why do all you good girls like bad boys? Will you ever learn?

Apparently Rachel is not sexy enough for Cassandra July who's still giving her a hard time. Only this time Rachel finds out via Kurt and via You Tube, why she's so bitchy. Back in her heyday, Ms. July was starring on Broadway in Damn Yankees and had an emotional outburst with an audience member which was all caught on video, crippling her career. Since those who can't do, teach, Cassandra is now inflicting her aggression on up and comers at NYADA. When Rachel finds out about this, she can't help but use it as ammo to stand up against her evil teacher, thus, getting her booted out of the class. Fortunately, Rachel gets a second chance and she and Cassandra share a nice scene together where they come to terms and have an understanding of one another. Rachel and Cassandra kiss and make up already?! Come on, all the built up tension between them has been deflated so quickly. I hope there's more drama between them in store for us.

Sit ups in Central Park? Come On!

If Cassie and Rachel don't provide fireworks then perhaps a Fichel/Brochel love triangle will. That's because Brody the Beau Hunk professed his love for Rachel and tried to lean in with a kiss, until Rachel pulled back in honor of Sergeant Finn. It's only a matter of time folks! That last shot said it all: Rachel painting over "Finn" with Brody's flowers looking on in clear view. Any predictions? Maybe Finn will finish basic training and give Rachel a surprise birthday visit, only to walk in on Brochel doing the White Man's Overbite!

Whatever happens, I have to say at this point, I'm enjoying Rachel's New York storyline much more than the hijinks at McKinley. It's still way too early, but so far the New Directions' storylines just have a sense of Deja vu at the moment. Here's hoping the writers up their game in the upcoming episodes.

Best Song

Got to be Rachel's Cell Block Tango style dance with Brody to "Oops I Did It Again". Cassandra July may not have been a fan, but here's one guy who was!

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