Flashpoint: Run To Me

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"If you're gonna run, run straight to me."

With Raf having quit Team One after the sniping incident from "Broken Peace," his spot was taken over by a returning Leah. Her return was given little fanfare, beyond Leah taclking a running criminal, and her giving a short explanation of her absence. The rest of the episode focused on Jules dealing with a girl that remindeed her of a younger version of herself.

The leader of the bad guys, Pete, was the type of villain that was completely lacking in credibility. He came off like a cartoon villain, with no reason to be evil except for greed. In standard Flashpoint formula, because he was the leader, he was not the main antagonist of this episode, since talking some sense into him would be pointless and against the premise of the show.

The puppets were a pair of teenaged girls, forced to do Pete's crimes out of fear that he would kill them both. The show's emphasis on relationship building between police officer and criminal suspect took place between Jules and Sarah. Jules took this as an opportunity to give Sarah a watch with a GPS on it.

Sarah would be tracked down to a parking lot, where she ambushed Pete, but could not kill him, giving Pete the upper hand. In non-SRU fashion, the perpetrator (Pete) was shot without any attempt at negotiation, or even a verbal warning.

This was how the villain from "Broken Peace," should have been taken care of.

The episode ended with Jules telling Sam about what she was like when she was sixteen. Jules explained that shortly after her mother had passed away, Jules got drunk and got picked up by a cop. She said the cop decided to talk some sense into her, instead of getting her into trouble. Jules credited the cop for helping her turn her life around.

The main thing that this episode did differently, and did right, was to not leave the long talking down speech to the end. It was a constant attempt through the whole episode, which did not end in the SRU trying to convince somebody not to kill somebody or commit suicide. Pete getting gunned down the way he did, does represent a minor change in the direction of the show. It is acknowledging that there are some people that are irredeemable, and that if they are not put down quickly, that things will get worse.

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