Flashpoint: A World Of Their Own

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"Well, if you're gonna be a lawyer, you're gonna need an undergraduate degree."

Actually, that is not true. Greg is wrong here, as he found out that his son was accepted into university. But more likely, it is the show's writers that are uninformed. It turns out that a degree is not a pre-requisite to get into law school But do not expect the bleeding heart writers to know that. After all, these are the same people that create really stupid villains.

Take this week's main villain, Cole. Arguably, one of the dumbest villains ever on the show. He is so stupid, that when he adopted his deaf nephew, the two of them created a proprietary sign language that had no congruency whatsoever with American Sign Language, making the nephew unable to communicate with anybody. Worse yet, the nephew does not even get to own a cell phone to text what he can not speak or sign. On a slightly off-topic side-note, it was indicated that the nephew lost his hearing from an accident. If that was the case, why can he not speak?

Back to Cole -- he is stupid enough to be manipulated into making a bomb threat, and kidnapping a senator. Why? Because he was getting forced by the government to sell his land so that an airport can be built on it. So what better way to convince the government otherwise, than to kidnap a senator. The show wants the viewers to feel bad for the criminals, but it is just way too hard to feel sorry for somebody this stupid.

In typical Flashpoint episode ending formula, the really bad guy with no personality was shot dead, while the team had to talk down somebody with a gun. And who better to talk down the deaf kid with a hunting rifle than the idiot uncle who orchestrated the whole kidnapping. The only thing mildly interesting about this scene, is that it is supposed to parallel Ed's storyline of shooting an armed teenager.

At the end of the day, Greg went home to his kid, only to find out that his kid changed his mind about becoming a lawyer. Greg's kid now wants to follow his father's footsteps, and become a police officer too. As Greg is all too familiar with the cost of being a cop, he protested, but to no avail.

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