Supernatural: Everybody Hates Hitler

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Nazi bastards.

Sixty nine years ago in Vitsyebsk, Belarus, a Nazi encampment was brutally attacked by an enormous man. After slaughtering every soldier, this monster finally reaches Commander Eckhart. Before he can make his final attack, Eckhart casts a spell and vanishes, leaving the mansion and this unstoppable force engulfed in flames. Jumping back to the present in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Isaac Bass frantically searches the records of the college library until he finally stumbles across the ledger he's been searching for. Later that night, Isaace makes a phone call inside a pub just before he erupts into flames as he curses the Nazis; Sam and Dean have a case. After nosing around under the guise of federal agents, the Winchesters split up as Sam searches the records library while Dean chats with the coeds and another guy that thought he and Dean had a moment. After Sam is done he notices that he is being tailed and gets Dean to set a trap. Unfortunately for Dean, the tail is the same monstrous man that attacked the Nazis in 1944 and the results are not good. Suddenly the same guy that hit on Dean shows up, his name is Aaron Bass and Isaac was his grandfather. Better yet, the giant man that almost threw Dean threw a car is his golem. Back at Aaron's, he tells Sam and Dean that Isaac was a part of the Judah Initiative, a secret group of rabbis that were dedicated to destroying the Thule Society, a group of Nazi necromancers but he never believed him. Since Isaac was killed it can only mean that the Thule Society has returned and are looking for their ledger which contains the names of every dead member they plan on resurrecting. It's now up to Sam, Dean, Aaron and a massive golem to stop the Nazi necromancers from bringing all of their Nazi friends back from the grave.

After last week's preview I was certain Everybody Hates Hitler was going to be terrible: I couldn't be more wrong. Not only did this week's episode have some great flashes of action but the story was excellent and the pacing was spot on. There was never a moment when I was the story dragged and the humour was always there when it needed to be. Each of the Nazi jokes felt like what was intended last season when Dean made a dick joke about Richard Roman. Even the title has a certain clarity because, well, who doesn't hate Hitler?

Without question, the highlight of the episode was the relationship between Aaron and his golem. Aaron and golem had a tenuous relationship since didn't Aaron ask for the responsibility or know what to do with the golem when he had him. In such a brief time, their relationship had a sense of tradition, a respect for the history and best of all, humour. Aaron and the golem bickered like an old married couple while Sam and Dean sat there, terrified that the golem would crush them. Aaron (played by Adam Rose) had his own arc within the confines of the show itself as we saw him go from the rebellious youth to a man accepting his destiny to become the last surviving member of the Judah Initiative and continue his grandfather's work.

Besides not having anything to do with this season's central story, Everybody Hates Hitler is leap in the right direction for Supernatural. Although the ending was predictable, the episode wasn't any less enjoyable for it. The dialogue was never heavy handed and Sam and Dean's discovery of the home for the Men of Letters felt natural. Since they lost Bobby, the boys haven't had a place to hang their hats and relax but tying in their pseudo "Batcave" to their family history was clever. This was another great episode from Supernatural and with any luck, next week's "Trial and Error" will be just as good.

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